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Roof Painting

Painting a tile or tin roof is a cost-effective way to get back the polished look of a brand new roof, as opposed investing in a complete roof replacement.

Before you can begin selecting your ideal paint colours, the first step is to assess the roofs current condition and plan the preparation required for repainting the roof.

During the pre-painting inspection, the Vivify roofing team will identify:

  • any damaged roof tiles or tin sheets
  • crack or missing mortar
  • moss buildup that requires additional cleaning
  • any existing paint that may be flaking off
  • Condition of valleys that may be rusted and flashing.

Some tile roofs may even require ridge cap restoration prior to painting.

tile roof pre-painting inspection
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Vivify roofing takes pride in its experienced team, advanced equipment and service. Vivify roofing is an expert in painting & roof restoration Melbourne services. With most advanced logistic, experienced team and quality service Vivify roofing has delivered a vast number of successful repainting projects throughout our Victoria.

We provide roof painting services to the north, eastern and southern suburbs of Victoria from Diamond Creek, Greensborough, Camberwell, Ringwood down to Frankston, Mornington, Sorrento and Portsea.

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Painting a concrete tile roof

Concrete roof tiles are amongst the strongest and durable types of roofing materials. Over many years it will show signs of ageing and the paint may begin to fade or flake off in areas.

A roof with severely worn paint and faded colour can look unsightly, and this is the time when most people will decide to get their concrete tile roof repainted.

The colour is applied to concrete tiles during the manufacturing process, and at times cement and pigment are mixed to form a more consistent colour through the tile.

Many reputable companies in Australia manufacture high-quality paints, primers, sealers and coatings for different types of concrete tile roofs and weather conditions, most notably the harsh Australian climate, high level of UV and ever-changing weather that we experience in Melbourne.

At vivify roofing we use top quality paints ideally suited for your particular roof.

There are many aspects involved when repainting a concrete tile roof such as water pressure, the pressure of the water jet needs to be correctly set while cleaning the roof before applying paint as too much pressure can wear the tile down and remove more than just the old paint.

Repainting a concrete tile roof in Melbourne
A concrete tile roof being repainted.

Painting a Terracotta Tile Toof

Before you think about painting a terracotta tile roof there are some very important facts that can save you thousands of dollars.

For Example:

  • Most terracotta roofs cannot be painted.
  • Clay is the primary material in terracotta tiles.
  • Terracotta is porous, it’s like sponge. Ever tried painting a wet sponge?
  • Terracotta Roof Tiles can either come glazed or un-glazed.
  • Terracotta tiles are lightweight and highly durable.
  • A house with terracotta tile roofing no doubt adds value to your property.

You can read this article to get all the facts about painting terracotta roof tiles.

Due to prolonged weathering, a terracotta tile roof can lose its beauty over time and may need a Terracotta Roof Restoration. A coating of a specialised terracotta roof treatment will not only enriches the look of the tiles but protects it from dirt, mould, fungus and other debris.

Terracotta roof tiles need specialised cleaning using high-pressure water jets before applying any sealer. Vivify roofing’s team of roof painters understand the individual needs of your terracotta tile roof and uses the most suitable and best quality treatments, sealers, glaze and coatings.

Painted Terracotta Roof in Melbourne
A restored Terracotta roof.

Painting a colorbond roof

Did you know its possible to change the colour of a colorbond roof with repainting? Colorbond is a very durable material and last decades. Some scenarios may have caused premature wear to the coating, or you may just want to change the colour.

Like all roof painting, Painting a colorbond roofing could be challenging and not as easy as tile painting.

Colorbond has a specific process for successful paint application.

Colorbond roof repainting requires high-pressure washing at 4000psi and if any existing coating is work a metal etch primer will be applied.

Failure to correctly prepare a colorbond roof will result in poor adhesion of the paint.

Some colorbond paints even come with heat reflective additives that help in heating and cooling properties.

Colorbond roof painting Melbourne
Colorbond roof painting
Vivify Roofing Colour Options
Colours for repainting Colorbond & Tile Roofs

A lot of different attractive colors are available in the market for tin, colorbond and tile roof repainting. Colors are always subjective. Different people have different taste.

The color can be selected on the basis of the surrounding, design of the house and the roof as well as particular taste. You can check out our extensive color palette and choose the one that best suits you.

We have all the popular contemporary, classic as well as matt color options that come in a wide spectrum of shades. All the coatings have been tested in Australian weather conditions.

Worried about water running off into water tanks? No stress! Vivify Roofing uses coatings that are safe to collect drinking water.

Premier Roof Coatings

The Vivify Roofing team use and recommend Premier Roof Coatings range of paints.

Vivify Roofing Colour Option

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Can I paint a rusty tin roof?

Many homes around Melbourne have an existing tin roof that may be rusted, and a colorbond conversion is not within budget.

Depending on the condition of your tin roof it may be possible to paint the roof after a thorough cleaning of the rust.

There are different types of the severity of rust on a tin roof that will determine if it is in a condition suitable for repainting.

The Vivify Roofing team can get rid of any loose surface rust by using high-pressure water jet. After cleaning the roof with a high-pressure water jet, a etch primer is required to ensure maximum adhesion of the new paint. The etch primer will cover the entire the roof.

Once the primer has completely cured, the new paint of your chosen colour is then applied. A lot of high-quality coatings are available in the Australian market and offers a guarantee of up to 7 years and warranty spanning 20 years depending on product selection and the roofs previous condition.

a rusty melbourne tin roof with flaking paint
A rusty Melbourne tin roof with flaking paint that can potentially be saved.
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