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Colorbond Roof Installation - The Benefits & Considerations Feat Image

Colorbond Roof Installation – The Benefits & Considerations

Whether you’re replacing an existing roof or exploring options for new construction, you can’t overlook professional Colorbond roof installation. Colorbond has been a trusted name in Australian roofing for more than 50 years, its sleek metallic colours an iconic image throughout the nation.


Colorbond Roof Installation - The Benefits & Considerations

Strong, beautiful and durable, COLORBOND® steel roof is tried and tested in Australian conditions – COLORBOND® steel

At Vivify Roofing, Colorbond is our preferred choice for tin roofs. In this post, we want to show you what we have learned in our 15 years of professional roof replacement and installation. We’ll explore exactly what Colorbond is, why we love it, and what you need to consider if you choose Colorbond as your roofing material.

What is Colorbond Roofing?

Manufactured by BlueScope Steel since the 60s, Colorbond is a proprietary steel product used for metal roofing. It is popular in both residential and commercial construction due to its colour versatility, long lifespan, and ability to stand up to the harshest of Australian climates.

Colorbond roofs stand apart from other metal roofs because of their 5 protective layers:

  1. Steel Base: The foundational layer of the roof provides sturdiness and strength and is built in strict accordance to Australian Standards.
  2. Metallic Coating: Using BlueScope’s Activate® technology, the base is coated in order to improve resistance to corrosion.
  3. Pretreatment Layer: The thinnest of the five layers, this pretreatment serves to help the other layers adhere more effectively.
  4. Primer: This special layer of primer is actually baked into the surface of the pretreatment in order to further enhance corrosion-resistance.
  5. Exterior Topcoat: The final layer serves to improve the longevity of the finish by making it less likely to blister, chip and flake.



Colorbond Roof Installation - The Benefits & Considerations 2


How Durable is Colorbond?

Those five layers of protection mean that Colorbond is exceptionally durable. Not only does BlueScope offer a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, but a Colorbond roof lifespan can run as long as 70 years! Vivify Roofing further stands behind our expertise with Colorbond installations by offering a 10-year workmanship warranty.


BlueScope is a provider of innovative steel materials, products, systems and technologies, headquartered in Australia – BlueScope


Colorbond doesn’t just resist the normal wear and tear of Australian weather. It even stands up to bushfires. A CSIRO report concluded that Colorbond steel “performed best under all exposure conditions and in particular when faced with a 30 minute flame immersion test used to stimulate potential effects of an adjacent house fire, which is common during bushfire events.”

8 Benefits of Colorbond Roofing

Durability might be Colorbond’s chief selling point, but it is by no means the only one. Here are 8 more advantages to choosing Colorbond for your metal roof installation.

Built For Australian Climate

There is probably no other metal roofing manufacturer as dedicated to ensuring their roofs stand up to the wide variety of climates that Australia has to offer. BlueScope has more than 12,000 Colorbond panels installed across the country in order to assess their steel’s durability and corrosion resistance.

These test panels are assessed in salt-heavy marine regions, tropical environments and more. They face a wide variety of installation applications and climate conditions so that homeowners can rest assured that no matter where they live, a Colorbond roof will work for them.


Colorbond Roof Installation - The Benefits & Considerations 3



Metal roofs are highly non-porous. While tile roofs may absorb moisture, Colorbond’s 5 layer protection system deflects water with ease. If you utilise any sort of water collection system, Colorbond roofs are especially effective at shedding water and redirecting it to your gutters, through your downspouts and into your tanks.

Simple Maintenance

Colorbond steel requires little in the way of cleaning beyond a simple hosing down. In fact, most areas of your roof will get enough rain every year that they don’t actually require any active maintenance at all. The only parts that will need attention are your “unwashed” elements that may be blocked from rainfall, such as underneath eaves.

It is also worth noting that oceanside regions may benefit from more frequent cleaning to avoid excessive damage from the salt. Furthermore, you should never let debris like leaves or dirt settle on a roof for too long.


Colorbond 5 Layer Protection System


Colour Variety

Colorbond comes in 22 different colour finishes. From neutral whites and greys to natural tones of green and brown, there is a colour to fit almost any design aesthetic. The only problem with so much variety is that you have to choose which option you love the most!

Learn more about Colorbond’s 2023 range of colours to find the right colour for you.



Steel is one of the more affordable choices you have in roofing materials, especially when compared to terracotta tiles. Tile roofs range from about $160 – $260 per square metre, compared to $120 – $180 for steel. When you add in the lack of maintenance required for Colorbond roofs, the lifetime savings are palpable.

These numbers are, of course, rough estimates. Costs vary depending on aspects like whether you are replacing an existing roof or building from scratch. To get the best idea of how much a Colorbond roof will cost, try our online roofing quote form today.


Colorbond roof vs Terracotta Roof

Energy Efficient

Did you know that your roof plays a key role in maintaining the temperature of your home? One piece of research out of the University of NSW suggested, for example, that Sydney’s entire ambient temperature could be reduced by 2.4 degrees Celsius if all of the dark roofs were replaced with light ones.

Among Colorbond’s 22 roof colours, 21 use a special technology called Thermatech® that improves solar reflectance. One colour in particular, Dover White, boasts a solar absorptance rating of just 0.28, which means it only absorbs 28% of the solar heat it is exposed to.

Cool roofs mean cool homes. When partnered with other energy efficiency measures, your Colorbond roof could drastically reduce air conditioning bills in hot summers.


Developed in Australia by BlueScope Steel in conjunction with our suppliers, Thermatech® technology provides a new level of thermal protection for houses & commercial buildings constructed in Australia’s harsh conditions. – BlueScope



Obviously, running less air conditioning is good for the environment, but Colorbond’s commitment to green living goes beyond energy efficiency. Colorbond steel is also 100% recyclable. For some uses, it doesn’t even need to be reprocessed before it can be used for new purposes. Furthermore, all Colorbond steel is manufactured using some recycled materials.


Colorbond Australia



Steel roofs weigh about 5kg per square metre. Terracotta roofs, on the other hand, weigh as much as 60kg per square metre.

You may have never considered the weight of your roofing material, but it does matter. Lighter roofs are easier on your rafters, walls and foundations. They are also just less complicated to work with, which brings down the cost and time of labour for installation.

Important Considerations for Colorbond Roof Installation

Colorbond roofs clearly have their benefits. And maybe you are ready to schedule your tile to tin roof conversion right now. Here are a few important considerations to keep in mind as you plan for your new roof.


Colorbond Roof Installation


Licensed Roof Plumbers Only

Regulations dictate that only a licensed roof plumber is permitted to install a metal roof. The intricacies of metal roofing mean that non-professional work can have serious issues when it comes to water drainage and leaks. The good news is that Vivify Roofing employs properly trained and licensed roof plumbers who are equipped to handle any Colorbond roof installation in a professional manner according to local building codes.

Building Permit May Be Required

Another lesser-known law stipulates that roofs being converted from tile to metal may require a special building permit. This is something that Vivify can easily take care of for you, but it is an important consideration as you shop around for installers. Don’t hire an amateur who doesn’t know the local regulations.


Colorbond Roof Installation 2

Watch Out For Imitation Colorbond

Another issue to be aware of is the imitation Colorbond “steel” that is encroaching into the roofing market. The problem stems in part from the word “Colorbond” just being used as a generic word for metal roof. But some illegitimate roofers do try to actually pass off inferior materials as Colorbond. The best way to avoid this issue is simply to work with a licensed roofer with a proven track record of professional service.

Colorbond Roofs Can (and Should) Be Repainted

Although Colorbond’s 5-layer protection does discourage paint from peeling, every metal roof will need repainting eventually. Under most circumstances, you’ll want to get it repainted every 15 years or so, especially if paint is flaking or bubbling. Roofs in harsher environments, such as those near seawater, usually need repainting sooner than those in mild climates. Of course, one of the benefits to being able to repaint your metal roof is that it’s an easy way to refresh the look of your home!

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Colorbond Roof Painting


Call on Vivify Roofing For Professional Colorbond Roof Installation

If you think that a Colorbond roof is right for you, Vivify is ready to help.

  • We have 15 years of experience in Australian roofing.
  • We specialise in both roof installation and replacement.
  • We employ only licensed and qualified roofing professionals.

Give us a call on 1300 475 097 or use our online quote request form today and get ready to join the long line of satisfied Vivify Roofing customers.

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