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How to Prepare Your Home or Building for a Roof Restoration in Melbourne

The Importance of Preparation in Roof Restoration

Roof restoration, at some point, every homeowner will need one. A Roof Restoration is essential in maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your home’s exterior. As your roof makes up a significant portion of your home’s exterior, its upkeep is crucial for structural safety and longevity. As a homeowner, preparing your home for a roof restoration not only facilitates a smoother workflow for the roofer restoration trades but also protects your property and possessions from potential damage.




How to Prepare Your Home or Building for a Roof Restoration in Melbourne
One of Vivify Roofing’s recent projects – A complete Roof restoration and Colorbond repaint.


Clearing the Perimeter: Essential First Steps

Remove Your Washing

Prior to the commencement of roof restoration, ensure that all washing is removed from clotheslines. This prevents debris and paint from soiling your laundry, a simple yet effective step in safeguarding your belongings.


Remove washing from the clothesline for roof restoration


Secure Outdoor Furniture and Electronics

Outdoor living spaces often feature furniture and electronics that need protection. Remove items like speakers and TVs from the area. For items that cannot be moved, like built-in electronics, covering them securely is imperative. Vivify Roofing can assist by providing or arranging protective drop sheets.


securing outdoor furniture for roof restoration


Fostering Good Neighbour Relations

Inform Your Neighbours

A roof restoration can affect more than just your household. Dust and debris can easily travel to neighbouring properties. It’s courteous and beneficial to inform your neighbours of the upcoming work so they can also take necessary precautions, like removing their laundry too. Vivify Roofing offers to handle this communication, ensuring a harmonious process for all involved.


Inform neighbours before roof restoration

Just because your don’t have to get your neighbours approval, doesn’t mean that you should ignore them. Long term neighbourhood harmony is your goal! – Addbuild Additions.

Vehicle Safety Measures

Remove or Garage Cars

On the day of roof painting, ensure all vehicles are removed from the driveway or safely garaged. Despite the viscous nature of roof paint, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


remove cars before roof restoration

In some cases the paint may only be very light and not cover the entire vehicle this may cost from $600. –


Maintaining a Clean and Safe Home Environment

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

During the restoration, keep all windows and doors closed to prevent dust and chemicals from entering your home. This simple action can significantly reduce cleanup efforts and protect your indoor air quality.


keep windows shut for roof resto

It’s important to note that you’re responsible for closing all the doors and windows to your home when a storm is on its way. If you leave these open for rain, hail, or snow to come in, you might not be able to claim. – Commonwealth Insurance

Pools and Spas

Cover pools and spas to shield them from falling debris, which can alter chemical balances and contaminate the water therefore costing you more money. Ask the team at Vivify Roofing about how we can assist in covering your pool.


cover pools for roof resto

Algae and moss can create slipping hazards, especially when wet. In addition, if any of the growths get into the pool water, they can clog filters and spread bacteria. – Wet and Forget

Clear Access for Efficiency

Ensure that the paths leading to your yard and work areas are clear. This not only speeds up the process but also helps in maintaining safety and cleanliness during the job.

Keep pets and children indoors during a roof restoration
Keep pets and children indoors during a roof restoration

Considerations for Pets and Children

Safety First

The presence of unfamiliar equipment and materials can pose risks to pets and children. Keeping them indoors during the restoration ensures their safety and prevents them from coming into contact with hazardous materials.

Think about the kids and the pets:When your kids are not aware of the process, they can cause trouble for the roofers. –

 Please Stay Indoors

During the roof restoration process, various chemicals and materials are used that may pose health risks if contacted directly. It is advised that residents stay indoors while the work is being performed. This is particularly important when chemicals like hypo are applied as anti-moss treatments. Staying inside helps avoid accidental exposure to these substances, which can be harmful to your skin or clothing. By remaining indoors, you also reduce the risk of inadvertently walking into work zones, ensuring both your safety and the smooth operation of the restoration team. This consideration is a must, not only for personal safety but also for maintaining the overall efficiency and safety of the project.

the property owner must manage the work in such a way as to reduce risk to the occupier and their visitors. –


How to Prepare Your Home or Building for a Roof Restoration in Melbourne 5

Repairs and maintenance extend the life of your home, improve its liveability and reduce health risks. With advice from a builder or designer, create a repair and maintenance schedule that prioritises urgent concerns and prevents larger problems from developing. –


Utility Access

Power and Water

The restoration team will need access to electrical outlets and water sources. Ensuring these are accessible can greatly enhance the efficiency of the work being performed.

Protecting Your Property

Downpipes and Drainage

Vivify Roofing takes measures to block downpipes during cleaning processes to prevent chemicals from contaminating stormwater systems.

Solar Panels Masked Up For a Roof Restoration
Solar Panels Masked Up For a Roof Restoration

Masking and Protection

Critical areas such as solar panels require protection or temporary removal. Vivify Roofing can coordinate with specialists to handle these tasks, ensuring that all components are safely reinstalled post-restoration. For more information, refer to Roof Restorations And Solar Panels.

Pro Tip: Be sure to check anything on your roof that you want covered or masked. While Vivify roofing will check with an owner, some companies may assume you want to paint everything without asking!


A tree overhanging a roof that needs to be removed
A tree overhanging a roof that needs to be removed

Preparatory Tree Pruning

Enhance Access

Pruning overhanging or obstructive trees not only improves access but also reduces the risk of damage to your roof from branches. This preparation allows the restoration team to work more efficiently and safely.

We are often called up last minute to trim back trees that are overhanging the house roof and the trades are delayed to start work. – Charlie from Milones Tree Solutions.

One of Vivify Roofing's Body Corporate Roof Restoration Projects at 566 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn
One of Vivify Roofing’s Body Corporate Roof Restoration Projects at 566 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

Special Considerations for Apartments

Multi-Unit Complexes & Body Corporate

In blocks of units or areas governed by a body corporate, clear access to driveways and parking areas is crucial. Limiting vehicle movement during restoration work minimises disruptions and safety hazards.

Establishing a Dedicated Space

In the context of multi-unit complexes, setting aside a dedicated area for the roofing company is crucial. This space is used for preparing materials and storing equipment, which helps in keeping the work site organised and safe. Allocating this space not only streamlines the restoration process but also minimises disruption to the daily routines of residents. Ensuring that the roofing team has a designated area contributes to a quicker and cleaner project completion.


How to Prepare Your Home or Building for a Roof Restoration in Melbourne 7

Dulux offers an informational brochure which broadly explains the roof restoration process.

Dulux Roof Restoration Process
Dulux Roof Restoration Process – Click the image to download.


The Overall Benefits of Preparation

Preparing your home for roof restoration is not just about protecting your property but also about ensuring that the restoration process is as efficient and effective as possible. By following these steps, homeowners can significantly enhance the outcome of their roof restoration, ultimately leading to a safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and more durable roof.

Vivify Roofing stands ready to assist you with every step of this process. Contact us at 1300 475 097 for a comprehensive roofing quote, and let us help you enhance the value and beauty of your home through our expert roof restoration services in Melbourne.

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