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How Long Does Roof Paint Last ?

When your roof needs some extra care, it is only natural that you turn to a roofing company for assistance. There are many roofing companies that provide only roof replacement services and may try to convince you that this is your only option. This especially applies when it comes to Colorbond and tin roofs.

However, companies like Vivify Roofing offer both replacement and restoration/painting services.

Before going for a costly roof replacement, check out whether painting your roof is a better option in your case and, if so, what you can expect in terms of durability.


Roof Paint Option

Roof paint or roof coating?

Many people believe that roof paint and roof coating are the same things. In fact, there can be significant differences between the two products.

Paint generally doesn’t offer the same level of protection that a roof coating does. When standard-issue paint is applied without a coating layer, the atmosphere can damage the paint in a matter of a few years.

Roof coating products may be up to 5-10 times thicker than roof paint. They also have increased reflective and insulating properties. Still, there are high-quality roof painting products that hold most of the benefits of roof coatings.

In many cases, a roof coating layer is recommended to be applied over the paint for best and long-lasting results.


Roof Painting or Coating Vivify Roofing

Does your roof need to be painted?

A while back it was fairly common to see a roof with peeling paint, especially if you were looking at a metal roof; it didn’t have to be an old roof either.

With today’s technology, roof coatings are far more durable and peeling roof paint is not such a common sight anymore.

Metal Roof Paint

For the painting of the roof to be peeled or blistered, this would mean that the roof hasn’t been renovated for decades or that the application was not done properly. In addition, the contractors might have used low-quality roof paint without a coating layer, without or with insufficient primer or failed to prepare the roof properly i.e. deeply cleaned and completely dried it out.

Even if your roof paint is not peeling off, there are still cases in which adding or renewing your roof’s coating is recommended. These include:

  • Additional protection on a new roof
  • Restoration of an old roof
  • Colour change of the paint

To add to this, keeping your roof coating in top condition has a number of benefits.

Extended Life Expectancy

A quality roof painting and/or coating done by a professional roofing company could add many years to the life expectancy of your roof.

To get the most of your repainting project, be sure to hire a company with both roofing and painting certification. While a painter may miss roof issues that could eventually turn out to be critical, a sole roofer may also be unaware of the specifics about the proper paint application.

Like all reputable companies, Vivify Roofing offers 10 years of workmanship and product warranty. That is a guarantee you can rely on that your roof will be in good working condition for years to come.

WarrantyUV Reflection

Some quality roof coatings like Nutech’s NXT Cool Zone provide an additional benefit of reflecting UV rays from the sun, which are responsible for heating the roof’s surface and passing it on inside the house.

Reflecting the UV rays means that you can expect the inside temperature to drop by several degrees, which will ultimately lower your air conditioning bills.

Nutech NXT Cool Zone

Home Protection

A roof coating in good condition prevents leaks and mould, which are not only unpleasant but also hazardous to breathe in. Add to this the reduced cooling costs and you may rest assured that you’re taking better care of your home, family and the environment.

Shiny New Look

A shiny and brand new roof adds to the appeal of the whole house. If you are thinking about selling the house, repainting the roof is an especially good idea, since it will greatly contribute to the first impression on the house and a quicker sale.

If you’re still wondering whether your roof needs to be repainted, hiring a roofing specialist to evaluate your roof is the easiest way to find out. The specialist will evaluate the current condition of your home, advise you on the maintenance that needs to be done and how to proceed from there.

How long does roof paint last?

Many factors affect the longevity of the paint on your roof. Out of them, the three most important include:

  • Quality of materials
  • Quality of service
  • The type of roof

To get into more details, here is what you should expect after you invest in quality materials and professional application.

Does Colorbond fade?

Yes, Colorbond roofs do fade in time, no matter what you do or how well the roof was painted. This, however, doesn’t mean that they will completely lose their colour in a season or two. It’s the longevity that counts.

The colour of Colorbond roofs is more durable than many of the other roofing materials on the market. There are also several ways to avoid drastic changes in the saturation and the roof itself.

Consider the weather conditions

Australia is known for its harsh weather conditions, especially during summer. And while you cannot control the weather, you can control your roof. If you know that your roof will be exposed to too much UV light, you should choose a lighter hue for your roof.

Dark and more saturated colours, although bold and beautiful, are more prone to fade under harsh UV light.

Hot Weather and House Roofs

Regular inspection

Keeping your Colorbond roof in top condition will preserve both its main function and its good looks. An annual professional inspection is recommended. The inspector should check for sealant failures, paint scratches or peeling, rust stains, seam separation, and exposed fasteners.

In the meantime, you could also check your roof for fallen branches, bulked leaves, and any signs of leakage.

It’s worth noting that most issues related to Colorbond roofs are an easy fix if found on time.

Regular Roof Inspection Vivify Roofing

Repaint the roof

Repainting a Colorbond roof will protect it from rust and fading. To get the most of the painting job, avoid DIY projects. A certified roof painter will be able to provide you with a warranty on the workmanship and materials.

Keep the gutters clean

When the gutters are blocked by leaves and debris, the collected water could lead to many potential issues including rust, discolouration, as well as growing mould and moss.

The gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. The best time to clean them is at the end of the autumn after the leaves have fallen from the trees.

Keep Gutters Clean Vivify Roofing

How long should a Colorbond/metal roof paint last?

Colorbond roofs are known for their quality and durability. They last significantly longer than other roofing materials, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions. But while the roofing material may have many more years left, it is only natural that the colour fades when affected by the environment.

Usually, it takes a couple of years of service before the Colorbond steel starts to age. By that time you can expect some evenly spread weathering of the surface, as well as a slight reduction in the initial glossy appearance. Still, it would normally take a few more seasons before the colour starts to fade visibly.

It is important to keep in mind that repainting your Colorbond roof yourself or by an unlicensed service provider could void the warranty issued by the manufacturer. Should you choose to overpaint before the warranty has passed, consult the manufacturer or the company that installed your roof to negotiate future warranty.

Colorbond Roof Longevity

How long should a painted tile roof last?

When roof tiles are manufactured, the colour is built directly into the cement, which brings the initial colour shade. The tone on the surface of the tile is typically slightly softer than the one on the inside.

Because of this fact, the initial colour of the tiles may last up to a decade before they lose their glaze. This happens when the upper layer starts to erode and the inner layers show up. This period could be shorter in areas with extreme weather conditions.

To prolong the initial wearing of the tiles and keep them from erosion, it is recommended that every now and then you get them cleaned and resealed.

When applying new paint over a tiled roof, the layer cannot adhere as well as the original colour that was built in the tile. Therefore, once overpainted, the tiled roof will have to be repainted regularly.

Painted Tile Roof

How often should you paint your roof?

Simply put, roofs usually need to be repainted every 10 to 15 years. Earlier restoration is required when the protective membrane has broken down due to external factors such as low quality of materials or service, extreme weather conditions, etc.

After 10-15 years, the roof membrane will start to break down naturally. If left unattended, the protective coating will no longer do its job and the concrete or metal may start to get damaged. Eventually, instead of recoating your roof, you may need to consider roof replacement, which is significantly more expensive.

A regular inspection on the roof will keep you informed on its current state. Repairing minor issues as soon as possible will extend the lifetime of the roof, while any signs of paint or coating damage will indicate that it’s time to consider repainting.

Recommended: The Complete Guide Roof Restoration Melbourne –  provides homeowners with a industry knowledge and insights into the process of rejuvenating a roofs.

How long do roof coatings last?

A Roof Coating is a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane. – Wikipedia

Roof coatings last significantly longer than regular paint. The main reason behind this is that they’re quite thicker compared to regular roof paint. This promotes better adhesion to the roof material and therefore prolonged lifetime.

Most roof coatings have a life expectancy of 5-10 years depending on the roofing material.

Looking at a couple of different types of coating, a high-quality silicone roof coating could last up to 15 years when maintained properly. The maintenance includes regular cleaning and annual inspection for signs of wearing.

Elastomeric roof coating, on the other hand, could last from 10 to 20 years, depending on the application millage. Applying 20 mils of the coating means that you’ll get 10 years of warranty in return. To get the maximum of 20 years you’ll need to apply 30 mils of coating.

Roof coatings are available both coloured and clear. If you think you have found the perfect shade of roof paint but want to get all the qualities of roof coating as well, it is enough to coat the roof after the painting.

To get the most of both products, make sure that all manufacturer guidelines are strictly followed. Hiring a licensed roof painter with experience could ensure the long-lasting result you are looking for.

Certified Roofer

How to ensure great results when painting your roof?

When you invest money and time into renovating your roof, it is only natural that you want to get the most out of it. To ensure great results there are several important tips that you might want to keep in mind.

Pressure clean the right way

Before proceeding with any coating application on your roof you need to make sure that it’s clean. Really clean.

Many DIY lovers already have water blasters at home. Most of these domestic machines put out about 1000-1500 PSI. Unfortunately, this is not nearly enough for the level of pressure you’ll need to prepare the roof.

Most professional roofing companies operate tools that put out 3000, even 3500 PSI. Such water blasters are capable of cleaning out not only the dirt on the surface but also remove the chalkiness of the oxidized tiles and clean the craters and pores on porous tiles.

The hardest part about cleaning your old tiled roof is cleaning the noses, or the end of a tile. When they are not cleaned properly, the noses end up black which ruins the whole appearance of the roof.

It is not recommended that you try to clean the tile noses yourself. When you clean them yourself, you risk flooding the ceiling because the water could easily push up under the tiles. If you don’t clean them, however, you’ll end up with the black noses.

A specialist will be able to avoid this complicated situation. A skilled and experienced cleaner will know the angle needed to clean the noses without flooding the ceiling.

While metal roofs are significantly easier to clean than tiles, it is still recommended to clean them using at least 3000 PSI to ensure a spotless surface for better adhesion.


Pressure Washing Roof

Remove old coatings

If the roof was previously painted, you’ll need to clear out the old coating. This is easy to figure out by looking if the paint has started to peel or flake off. There are cases, however, in which seemingly undamaged coating needs to be removed.

Whether you’ll need to do this will be known after the thorough cleaning of the roof. If the previous paint or coating layer has started to get loose, under pressure of 3500 PSI it will start to come off. After that, you’ll have to try to remove as much as possible.

If you’re not in a rush, it is best to wait a couple of days after the cleaning. Then the edges of the loose paint will start to curl and will be easier to strip down. A second round of pressure cleaning at this point will take all the extra paint and coating down. If there is any paint still left on the surface, it is safe to say that it’s well adhered and you can apply the new layers over it.


Repainting a concrete tile roof in Melbourne

Always apply primer

Applying a sufficient amount of primer is necessary for the good adhesion of the paint to the roofing material.

Primer is best applied as soon as the roof dries out. If you wait a few days, any paint left on the surface may start to curl up again and you’ll have to do another round of cleaning.

If you’re working on a pre-painted roof, it is recommended that you apply a serious amount of primer on the surface and literally “flood” the roofing material. This will allow the primer to lock down any edges left from the previous layers.

When working with a water-based primer, a second layer is best applied on the very same day. If you are working with a solvent-based primer, however, you’ll need to wait until the first layer has completely dried out.

Hire a professional roofing company

Whether it’s because of a tight budget or the satisfaction from working on your home, many people engage in DIY projects when performing seemingly easy tasks. Painting a roof, however, is not like painting a wall in your home.

As you now know, many specifics need to be strictly followed to get a long-lasting result. Neglecting or being unable to follow them has led to many failed roofing projects that later need to be fixed through costly restorations.

Hiring a certified roofing company with experience in painting and roof restoration Melbourne will save you all these potential issues and future costs. Additionally, only certified contractors can then issue a 10-year warranty on both workmanship and material. That’s 10 worry-free years you deserve to get in return for your investment. Reach out to Vivify Roofing today to learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional.

May sun shine, wind blow, and seasons change but your roof stay sturdy, beautiful and leak-free.

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