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Roof Paint – Choosing the Right One

Does your roof require a new coat of paint? Or maybe you want to refresh the look of your home?

Australian weather can be quite harsh to rooftops, so if you want to maintain the good appearance of your house, sooner or later you may need to get a roof paint job.

Choosing the right materials could be intimidating. With such a large variety of products and manufacturers on the market, choosing the best option could be a challenge.

To help you make an informed decision and select the right materials based on the roof surface and condition of the material, here are some guidelines for roof painting.

Roof Painting guardsPreparing the Roof

If you hire a professional painter to do your roof, you pretty much just have to read the contract carefully, sign it, wait for the job to be done, and voilà, you have a fresh new roof paint job.

However, you need to know that painting a roof requires a bit more than going up there and applying paint, it begins with a proper process and ensuring the right product is applied to your roof. If its time for a Roof Restoration in Melbourne, the whole roof may need more than just a coat of paint.

Clean the Roof

Before applying any coating, the roof should be cleaned carefully. The methods to clean it depend on the type of roof in your home.

You should keep in mind that cleaning your roof to prepare it for painting is best done from a professional roofing company. The main reason is that the deep clean that is required needs to be done very carefully to avoid any complications.

After all, you don’t want to flood your home, do you?

Roofing specialists also have the right equipment for the job, like high-pressure water blasters and commercial cleaning solutions.

Roof Cleaning before Painting

Assess the Condition of the Roof

If there are any issues with your roof they need to be fixed before painting can begin.

Issues could be something negligible like the tiles getting a bit porous or something critical like broken tiles or rust on your metal/tin/Colorbond roof.

Serious issues should not be taken likely and a roofing consultant will be able to advise you whether your roof is ready for re-coating or not.

The condition on your roof should be assessed after the cleaning for two reasons:

  • A nice and clean roof will show even the minor faults.
  • In some cases cleaning the roof can result in additional damage like broken tiles when walking or shoving the rust under the old coat of paint.

Fix Any Issues Found

In case any serious issues have been found they should be addressed with the highest priority. After all, a new, shiny roof means nothing if it doesn’t serve its main purpose.

Hiring a roofer is your best option since they will be able to provide you with a warranty for the job.

Roof Assessment prior to painting

Getting Ready

Now that your roof is ready for the actual work you it needs preparation for the painting itself.

  • Primer, sealer, pointing compound and paint according to your roof type. For more details about which products may suit you best continue reading ahead.
  • An airless paint sprayer. Airless paint sprayers will significantly reduce the time required for painting the roof. Using rollers and paint brushes usually takes twice as long and doesn’t provide a uniform and even finish.
  • Safety first. Roofers wear non-slip shoes and a safety harness to avoid falling and install guard rails if your roof is over two meters high. Guard rails are now required by legislation for roofing jobs in Melbourne (another good reason to hire a professional).
  • Cover any skylights and vents. Plastic covers will ensure that you don’t get paint on your vents.

House Roof Painting Safety Equipment

Apply Primer

Applying a thin coat of primer evenly on all roofing materials.

The primer will help achieve better, brighter and more uniform colours, and may bring additional benefits, such as rust protection. Let it rest for at least two hours so it dries out completely.

Start Painting

Once the primer has dried out completely the actual painting can begin. With an approximate waiting time of at least two hours between coats, depending on the paint manufacturers product data sheet.

If you want bold or vibrant colours, two or three coats of paint are applied to your roof.

Roof Painting

Concrete Tile Roof Paints

There’s no doubt that concrete tile roofs are long-lasting. But even still, they need their fair share of maintenance and restoration from time to time if you wish to keep them in top condition.

To help you know when it’s time to paint your concrete tile roof, Nutech Paint has some top-notch solutions for you.

After you have cleaned your concrete roof thoroughly and confirmed that there are no immediate issues such as broken or misplaced tiles, the first coat you need to apply is the primer.

Nutech Paint’s Master Sealer is designed specifically for very porous, exposed concrete tiles and masonry surfaces.

With its excellent performance against hot, cold, and wet weather, it’s just perfect for those moody Australian atmospheric conditions.

Master Sealer is a water-based acrylic primer and sealer with excellent build and surface adhesion. Its main benefits also include:

  • Easy application
  • Fast drying
  • Improved flexibility and hardness
  • Exceptional weatherproofing performance

After the roof has been primed Nutech Paint provides several options for the next step in your project.

Tileflex is considered to be the next generation in roof coating technology, and it is also a suitable product for concrete and terracotta tiles as well as metal roof.

Nutech Tileflex will rejuvenate and restore your roof with our patented self cleaning nano-technology.

Tileflex is designed to lower the surface friction and so to greatly reduce the retention of dirt and enhance the coatings self-cleaning capabilities. Eventually, Tileflex offers longer gloss retention than any acrylic conventional roof coating on the market.

And since we’re talking about painting the roof, it’s worth mentioning that Tileflex is available in Low Sheen and High Gloss finishes in 46 standard colours. Upon request, the colours can be custom matched as well.

Nutech TileflexNuFlex is another innovative product from Nutech Paint suitable for cement and roof tiles, as well as masonry surfaces. The company describes the product as a “fine particle size, wet adhesion promoted acrylic emulsion coating”.

NuFlex offers maximum durability under harsh weather conditions, as well as improved mould, fungus, and lichen protection. Similarly to Tileflex, NuFlex is offered in 46 standard shades and is also available for custom tinting. After proper preparation and application, the manufacturer states that the colour won’t fade away for at least 8 years.

Nutech NuflexAnd if you want to go the extra mile, the NXT Cool Zone is Nutech Paint’s environmentally responsible roof coating. A product of over 45 years of experience in advanced coating development, NXT Cool Zone sets new standards in roof coating performance and the industry in general.

The NXT Cool Zone is a 100% water-based nanotechnology modified acrylic polymer coating offering the self-cleaning benefits of Tileflex. Also, the coating contains pigments that resist UV light, heat, and chemicals.

The NXT Cool Zone is available in the same 46 standard colours, has the option to be tinted, and comes with high gloss and low sheen finishes.

Nutech NXT Cool Zone

Colorbond Roof Paint

Most people are not aware that a faded Colorbond roof means you need a complete replacement, Colorbond roofs can be repainted.

If you are looking for a roof restoration solution for your Colorbond roof,below are some great products specially design for Colorbond.


Premcoat by Premier Roof Coatings is a pure acrylic gloss membrane that is designed for repainting and protecting Colorbond and metal roof surfaces.

For metal or Colorbond roofs with flaky paint or exposed bare metal, a metal primer such as Premcoat Metal Primer will be required.

The primer ensures the paint has maximum adhesion and the metal is protected. Without a primer you can risk paint flaking off again.

Premier roof coatings gives a full 10 year replacement of product warranty after the proof of purchase date on any defective roof where our products have been used correctly. This warranty guarantees against flaking, peeling or cracking. This also guarantees against excessive fading over this period and is only valid when products have been applied by a professional roofing contractor.

Premcoat Colorbond Roof Paint


Shieldcoat may have just what you are looking for.

Starting with the primer, Shieldcoat’s SHIELDSEAL W Plus is the ideal solution for your Colorbond roof, especially if it has faded or became chalky. The primer binds the chalky paint to the surface, providing an excellent foundation for the paint later.

The additional advantages of the SHIELDSEAL W Plus include:

  • Ease of application
  • Washable with water
  • Safe for collecting drinking water

Shieldcoat Shieldseal W Plus


In case you notice rust on your Colorbond roof or the gutters, or you just want to add another protective layer, you may choose RUSTSHIELD W as your primer. RUSTSHIELD W is an anti-corrosive acrylic sealer primer that penetrates the surface and adds a protective barrier that inhibits rust.

ROOFBOND Roof Paint is an all acrylic roof paint that is suitable not only for Colorbond but also for concrete tiles, non-glazed terracotta tiles, fibro, galvanized iron, and zinc or aluminum-coated steel. The paint comes in a large variety of colours to meet every taste and style. Tinting the paint is also available for an additional charge.

The main benefits of ROOFBOND Roof Paint are associated with the resin binder that builds an excellent film and provides a high-quality finish. The manufacturer assures their customers that the paint is extremely hard wearing and still flexible by giving the coating system 10 years of warranty.

Still, the warranty is only applied when the project is executed by a qualified professional painter.

For those that prefer to paint their roof by themselves, Shieldcoat offers detailed application instructions that when followed thoroughly should provide the same endurance.

The other benefits of ROOFBOND Roof Paint include:

  • Increased wet adhesion properties
  • Quick to harden
  • Good water resistance
  • Great resistance to water-related whitening
  • Excellent exterior longevity

ROOFBOND Roof Paint is also suitable for collecting drinking water from your roof. You should, however, wait for 7 days after the last coat has been applied.

If you live in an area with a hot climate, consider going for Shieldcoat’s THERMOBOND Heat Reflective Coating instead. The paint is available in a range of light colours including Arctic White. The THERMOBOND Heat Reflective Coating offers to reduce the indoor temperature by 30% while reducing your energy bills accordingly.

The coating reflects the infrared and UV light from the sun, preventing your roof from heating up. Just like the other Shieldcoat products, the THERMOBOND Heat Reflective Coating is safe for collecting rainwater.

The 10 years of warranty is also available, but again only when the painting has been done by a qualified professional.

Corrugated Iron & Metal Paint

If you are the proud owner of a home with an iron or metal roof, by now you probably know that it needs to be taken good care of to avoid rust.

If you have decided to paint it, be sure to inspect the current state of your roof carefully. The surface must be cleaned well of dust, dirt, oils, grease, and wax, as well as loose or peeling paint.

Keep in mind also that iron and metal roofs with a light surface must be covered with etch primer first. Luckily, Dulux provides several AcraTex products specifically designed for your roof painting project.

AcraTex Primer MX is a water-based primer with excellent adhesion designed specifically for metal roofs. It dries quickly and provides great protection against corrosion for new or weathered galvanized or zincalume surfaces.

The Dulux AcraTex Primer MX is suitable for all cleaned and prepared galvanized surfaces and provides the perfect base for the AcraTex Roof Membrane top coatings.

In case of moss, lichen, rust, or erosion consult with the application guide of the product before applying the primer.

After the primer has completely dried out, the next step is to apply Dulux AcraTex Roof Membrane, available in gloss and satin finish. Both the satin and the gloss membranes are available in a vast variety of colors, including the full range of Dulux AcraTex and a large number of Colorbond colors.

While the AcraTex Roof Membrane is suitable for both metal and concrete tiles, it is formulated specifically for easier application on metal roofs. Among the other benefits of the products is that they allow same-day re-coating, they are easy to clean and low in odour.

When applied properly, the membrane will protect your roof from pollution, chemical attacks, and will reduce dirt retention.

It is important to note that although you may turn out to be a skilled painter and end up with a great looking roof, the proper Dulux warranty will be available only for projects conducted by Dulux-accredited roof specialists.

AcraTex Primer MX

Is Roof Painting A Good Idea?

Australian weather is tough, no doubt. And your roof is the first line of defence for your home against the elements.

Therefore it is crucial to always keep your roof in top condition.

Painting your roof is not something that needs to be done often. However, when the time for such a project arrives, your roof must be restored properly.

There are many benefits to taking good care of your roof:

  • Refreshed looks. While the roof is not usually something you turn more attention to when looking at a house, you always notice when there’s something wrong. If the surface has started to fade, a fresh new coat will do wonders to the general good looks of the house. Not to mention that a roof in top condition could be a great advantage if you are looking to sell.
  • Better protection. A roof in fine condition provides stronger protection against the elements. You won’t have to worry about mould. Rain and wind will stay outside, so your family can spend the time home together at peace.
  • Additional insulation. Did you know that lighter roofs deflect more sunlight and keep the temperatures naturally cooler? On the other hand, in cooler regions, a darker roof will attract sunlight and increase the temperature inside. Use this to your advantage when choosing the colour of your roof.

Because roof painting and restoration can turn out to be quite expensive, many people decide to do the job themselves.

There is nothing wrong with that if you are handy and know how to deal with your tools and keep yourself safe. But if you don’t feel confident enough there are several advantages of hiring a professional painting service provider to do it for you:

  • Increased longevity. A roof painting job done by professionals could last for decades, especially when performed by skilled painters.
  • The paint job comes with a warranty. A professional company will provide you with years of warranty on materials and workmanship. This will ensure a job well done.
  • A lousy rooftop restoration can impact your insurance. The roof is one of the main pieces of your home. It protects the whole structure on the outside and your belongings on the inside. If the roof poses any liability this may have a negative impact on your insurance.
  • Working on a roof could be dangerous. Safety should be your top priority when working on a roof. Accidents related to roof repairs from non-professionals are quite frequent, so if you have even the slightest doubt for your safety, leave it to those who know how to stay safe while up there.

Before hiring a roofing company there is more than just looking at reviews online, be sure to read our Guide on Roof Restoration Melbourne to reveal industry secrets and learn the restoration process.

If you still want to paint your roof yourself there are just several things to keep in mind before you start working on the project:

  • Guard rails may be needed. In Melbourne, working on a roof over 2 meters high now requires guardrails to be installed.
  • Consult with a professional on the current state of your roof. Best case scenario your roof will only need a fresh coat of paint. However, there may be additional issues that may need to be addressed first, for example, porous or misplaced tiles or rust. Such issues need to be fixed before painting the roof and are best done by professionals.
  • Choose the right materials. Always purchase materials designed specifically for your roof type.

Painted Roof


While painting your roof yourself can give you a great sense of accomplishment and reduce cost, it’s always better to leave it for a professional.

Accidents can occur at any time and you might not get the benefit of a warranty since it wasn’t done by a professional.

Either way, you now know how to choose the right roof paint.

if you have a roof in need of painting or repair don’t hesitate to contact Vivify Roofing for a quote today!

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