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What Metal Roof Colour Is Best?

You’ve ultimately decided for a metal roof for your home, so now it’s time to choose a colour. Metal roofing is available in various colours and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your building.

When making a choice, there are many ways to evaluate metal roof colours, such as the design and position of the house. Your metal roof colour goes a long way in determining the visual appeal of your home in its entirety. Thus, choosing the colour of your roof is an integral part of every roofing decision.

It would be best if you consider a metal roof paint that will save you money on your utility costs as well as one that would complement your home’s exteriors and add to its overall curb appeal.

Colour also has an impact on how long your roof will look fresh. So, what colour do you use to paint your roof?


What Metal Roof Colour is Best Vivify Roofing


Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Colour

Energy-Efficient Metal Roof Colours

Metal roof colours influence the building’s energy consumption, so careful selection can ultimately save money on energy bills. Compared to dark colours, light colours such as golden bronze, beige and peach are often referred to as cool metal roofing colours.

These are better at reflecting the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it into the building. Several of these colours are energy-certified, which can earn a tax credit on potential energy saving.

Don’t be disappointed if you love darker colours. You can put a dark colour on your metal roof, because such colour will most likely be Energy Star rated thanks to the hefty amount of radiation deflection that a metal roof provides.

Painting your walls with heat reflective paint helps in maintaining the balance between colour and energy efficiency.

To obtain a better understanding of how heat reflective paint functions, you can head over to Vivify Roofing.


Vivify Roofing What Metal Roof Colour is Best

Match Your Existing Colour Scheme

There are several metal roof paint options, and the decision would be heavily influenced by the current colour scheme. The colour of your metal roofing should match the theme of your house. Choose colours that make a pleasing contrast between the roof and the rest of the structure.

You’ll possibly want a roof colour that complements or contrasts with the other features of the house. You should consider the colour of the following elements before deciding the colour of your roof:

  • Outside walls
  • Exterior trim
  • Gutters & Downpipes
  • Frame of the door (or window) and the door (or window) itself
  • Railing
  • Fascia board
  • Column

Before arriving at a decision, consider the colour scheme of nearby homes or businesses. A neutral colour, such as tan, white, or grey, may help a structure blend in with its surroundings. On the contrary, you can consider using a colour that pops out to make a style statement in your neighbourhood.

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What Metal Roof Colour is Best - Matching Existing Colours


Choose a Colour You Like

At the end of it all, what really matters is how you want your roof to look! Every structure is distinct, and each property owner has different colour preferences. The best thing about owning the building where a new metal roof is being installed is that you get to choose the paint.

Striking contrast colour can draw attention to the roof and make the house stand out. Complementary colours will give your home a more classic appearance. Generally, you will pick a colour that either contrasts or complements the rest of the colours in your home.


What Metal Roof Colour is Best - Results of Contrasting Colours
Image Source: Colorbond.


Selecting a Colour For Your New Metal Roof

There is a vast range of colours available for any home. A list of some efficient choices is mentioned below.

Silver and Grey

Silver and grey have dominated the neutral colour palette and have become associated with decorating and design in recent years thanks to their versatility. Grey can be traditional or ultramodern, depending on the application and shade that is chosen. Grey metal roof colours would vary from a light ash grey to a dark charcoal grey that can almost appear black at night. It’s indeed better if you consider how the roof would seem at different times of the day.


Silver - Grey Metal Roof Colour



Your home’s roof can be dark, medium, or light brown. Brown may also have red, orange, or yellow undertones. Some browns are also slightly greyed, imparting an appearance of weathered wood.

If you are looking for a brown metal roof, medium bronze, or chocolate brown, combine it with much lighter house paint and deep earthy tones. This striking contract adds to the home’s overall curb appeal and visual balance while still allowing your siding to shine.


Brown Metal Roof Colour



If getting a copper colour is on your mind, you do not need to give much thought to picking a colour. Unlike other roofs that lose their colour and shine over time, copper not only enhances its colour but also retains the same level of freshness as a newly coloured roof.

On fresh application, it will be brown-orange in colour, but once oxidation kicks in (which takes roughly around 20 years), you can notice significant changes in the colour. Brown, gray, and finally a blue-green colour will be the result. Fun fact, this same phenomenon happened with the Statue of Liberty.


Copper Metal Roof Colour


Reds and Greens

There are many colour options other than dark colours, such as reds and greens, that give a vibrant look to your house. These colours react in the same way as silver and grey by reflecting light and not letting the heat be absorbed.

There are some advantages to different metal roofing colours to consider, just as warm or cool tones can do a better job of highlighting your features. It’s important to remember that the contrast between light and dark colours can significantly affect the look and feel of your home.

Roofs with lighter colours will make your house appear more prominent and taller. Consider a more lightweight colour metal roof if your home is thin, has a low roof, or a shallow pitch. On the other hand, if you have a tall or wide roof, choose a darker colour to make it seem less distracting.

The colour of the metal roof can be protected from environmental perils by using acrylic primer coatings by Colorbond.


Manufactured in Australia and tested in some of the harshest Australian Conditions over the last 50 years, Colorbond Steel is far more than just “paint on steel” – Colorbond.


Green Metal Roof Colour


The following are the available primer roof products:

  • Premcoat Primer — A clear acrylic coating made specifically to creep into and bind oxidized tiles before the top coating is done.
  • Premcoat Sealer — A clear acrylic coating crafted to close up concrete roof tiles that have pores before the top coating is done.
  • Premcoat Maxi Build — A coloured sealer made to fill and close up any pitted and severely porous surfaces before the top coating is done.
  • Premcoat+ — A 100% acrylic coating that is high gloss and that is made to resurface metal concrete surfaces as a topcoat.


All our products are specifically formulated to resist Australia’s harsh climate by providing superior adhesion. – Premier Roof Coatings.



Image Source: Premier Roof Coatings



Architectural Style of the Building

The architectural design of your building (whether residential or commercial) has an important bearing on the colour of its roof. There are quite a few options available in this regard, some of which are listed below:

  • Modern — Regal White, Matte Black, Charcoal Grey
  • Ranch — Dark Bronze, Charcoal Grey, Solar White
  • Craftsman — Sierra Tan, Ash Grey, Slate Blue
  • Farmhouse and Barns — Colonial Red, Regal Red, White

Moreover, what colour you choose depends on where you live or where your building is located:

  • Buildings and homeowners in tropical areas are more likely to use lighter, more vibrant metal roof colours than those in non-tropical regions.
  • Most buildings in mountainous or forested areas use earth tones that blend in with their surroundings.
  • Colours used on buildings in the plains are softer earth tones.


Metal Roof Architectural Style
Image Source: Steel.


Other Factors to Consider

Does Roof Material Matter?

When it comes to choosing a roof colour, the material only matters in regards to what palettes are available for your particular roof type. Whether you are painting a metal roof or a tile one, a professional roof painter should be able to accommodate a wide variety of aesthetic choices. And they will be able to choose a paint that is specifically meant for your roof material.

Is a Light or Dark Roof Better?

The roof is the primary barrier between the sun and a home’s interior, and it’s natural to wonder how different roofing types and colours influence the amount of heat absorbed. Dark colours retain more heat than light colours, as is common knowledge.

Modern metal roofing is often coated with unique finishes that reflect the sun’s heat. The darkest-coloured metal roofs allow less heat to penetrate and enter the home than the lightest-coloured traditional tiles.


Roofing and Guttering Melbourne Colorbond Roof


What Colour Roof Is the Most Energy-Efficient?

Energy can take different forms, such as heat and light. When an object absorbs light, it may transform into heat. Darker colours absorb all wavelengths of light until they are converted to heat. Since white materials reflect all wavelengths of light, they do not experience significant temperature changes.

Light roofs are an order of magnitude above any other colours when it comes to being energy-efficient. Did you know that light colours can help you save as much as 20–30% on your monthly light bill? Yes, the roof colour is a factor in energy efficiency but it’s not the only factor that determines the heat absorption of a roof. Insulation, the material of the roof, integrity, and how old the roof is are other important determinants in this regard.

Matte or Gloss Finish?

The majority of homeowners opt for a matte finish metal roof (or one that is low gloss). While a metal roof’s shine inevitably fades with time as a layer of dirt accumulates on the roof, matte finishes continue to rule the market and are still considered the most appealing for homes.

Also, you need not worry about gloss as much as you should about the sheen of your roof. If the sun is shining from the back of your home, your roof’s sheen will be at its highest. This isn’t the case if the sun rays are falling directly on top of the roof. Hence, the alignment of your house with regards to the light sources such as the sun is an important consideration when picking a roof colour.

Colorbond Flat Metal Roof

Should You Match the Neighbourhood Aesthetic?

Metal roofs come in a wide range of colours. When choosing a colour, think about the aesthetics of your neighbourhood. You have the option of standing out from the crowd or sticking to the general theme. Other traditional roofs don’t have the same level of reflectivity as metal roofs. Metal roofing reflects the sun’s rays to the atmosphere, while other roofs absorb them.

Specific paints are available to help reduce the gleam, and the natural patina of certain metals can change over time. Speak to a professional about the best choices for your home’s colour scheme and how the metal can age over time when building a metal roof. Establish a link between your home’s and your neighbours’ homes’ exterior design elements by using colour. Almost every colour you can think of is available in construction materials.

Keep these essential considerations in mind when selecting a colour scheme for your home:

  • Some neighbourhoods have guidelines about the outside appearance of your home, including paint colours.
  • Historical homes often use a restricted colour palette to retain the historical accuracy.
  • Your home’s design can necessitate a specific colour scheme. Lighter or darker colours work well in particular types of homes, depending on the locality.

To Remember

  • Depending on the geographic area, architectural design, climate, weather, neighboring elements, and local groups, each property’s exterior colours can vary.
  • Metal roofing comes in various colours, including personalized colours that paint suppliers can match.
  • To gauge how a particular colour would appear on a building, make use of a roof visualizer tool, or ask for accurate physical samples of that colour that will help you in making an informed decision.
  • Get in touch with the metal sheet manufacturer if you’re still unable to zero in on a particular colour.

Contact our architectural department if you have any additional questions about colours and project designs. Our team will answer any roofing questions and narrow down the choices until you’ve found the perfect colour for your roof.

We at Vivify Roofing will be delighted to assist you in finding the best material and colour for the roof of your home. In case you are looking for roof repair or replacement services, get in touch right now.

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