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Colorbond Repaint Before Selling Home

Does a Roof Restoration Improve House Value?

So you have decided to sell your home. Maybe you have even found the home of your dreams and all you need now is to sell your current house. But making your home stand out from the crowd may turn out to be harder than you initially thought.

If you were on the buying side you would probably look for a nice, move-in ready home. You would want to be able to enjoy your new home from day one, without having to go through the trouble of finding a reliable and affordable roof restoration company. Well guess what, this is what other buyers want as well.

So in order to explore the question of whether or not a roof restoration improves the value of a home, we need to get into the mind of a typical home buyer.

Selling a HouseWhat to Fix Before Selling the House

When a person decides to invest a large amount, such as the sums involved when purchasing a new home, it is only natural to look for an expert opinion to ensure they are making a good decision in the long run. This is the reason why many potential buyers turn to property inspectors.

The details these experts usually focus on are the electric system, plumbing, overall structure, and roof condition. So before listing your house for sale, you may want to consider hiring an inspector yourself. They may give you valuable feedback on the weaknesses of your house and will advise you on the things to fix before selling your house.

Whether you hire an inspector or not, however, one job should be on your list when you start preparing your home – fix roof before selling house. Why is it important to do so? Most people think that as long as the roof is not leaking then everything is just fine. Your roof may not be leaking yet, but this in no way means that it is in perfect condition.

If any potential problems are likely to occur in the near future, the buyer will probably try to negotiate a lower price to cover the expenses they will have with fixing the problem. And even if you agree to reduce the price, they may eventually decide to withdraw from their offer completely to save themselves the trouble of having to do the repairs.

Another reason to turn to roof restoration before selling your home is to improve its looks. When someone is looking for a house to buy, they will look at dozens and maybe even hundreds of offers before deciding which ones to visit. A house with a brand new looking roof will stand out from the rest and may put you among the final few to be visited and considered for sealing the deal. What’s more, a good looking house on the outside usually suggests a well-maintained home. This will encourage trust in the potential buyers and will put you one step ahead of the competition.

The roof is one of the most important exterior areas of any home. Roof repairs should be taken care of to protect the house from the elements.  Lichen or moss can signify neglect to buyers, so clear it away.-

Once the buyers are on site it all comes down to the details. Are the tiles well arranged and shiny, is the color saturated, are the gutters clean? A person may not look for them specifically but will surely notice when something is wrong. A lesser-known fact is that most people decide whether to create an offer on a property or not within the first five minutes. Such small details will add to a great first impression, and from there buyers are much less likely to worry over the other stuff.

Many buyers are looking for a move-in ready home as they simply do not want to deal with renovations. During an open house don’t hesitate to mention all recent restoration and maintenance jobs. This is a good starting point to convince the buyers that they are making a good investment that will not cause them any issues for years to come.

Repair Different Types of RoofingWhat to Repair for the Different Types of Roofing

The most common types of roofs in the Melbourne area are tin, colorbond, terracotta, and cement tile roofs. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses, and different kind of maintenance is required to keep each in top condition. If you notice an issue with your roof, it is best to fix it as soon as possible to avoid adding to the costs later.

While the roof may not be leaking, if you are looking to get a higher price for your house, be sure to fix everything that will add to the good look and long life of the roof.

Tin Roof

Tin roofs are a very affordable and durable option, which adds to their popularity. Another benefit of tin roofs is that they are fairly easy and cheap to maintain. If you are looking to sell your tin-roofed house check for the following possible issues:

  • Rust and corrosion
  • Mould
  • Loose paint
  • Holes and open seams
  • Different material patches or screws

One of the most common issues with tin roofs is that they tend to corrode. To avoid corrosion and rust, you should repaint your tin roof every 10+ years. For the best results, you should first clean the roof from any loose paint and rust using a scraper or a wire brush. Once done, paint the roof with a substance that is specifically formulated for metals. If you have the time, it is also good to paint any areas where the paint has worn off, even if it is not time to repaint the whole roof yet.

For the heavy Australian weather conditions, it is also good to apply the correct sealants and paints. This would improve the resiliency of your roof and prevent mould, corrosion, and rust issues. Some cowboys may paint a tin roof using regular water-based paint instead of a proper roof coating system. This could result in a bad blotchy finish or flaking paint, leaving your roof in worse condition than when you started. A good paint coating could keep your tin roof in good condition for up to 10 years.

Another thing you should avoid is using different colour tin sheets on your roof or mixing old rusted corrugated roof sheets with new Colorbond sheets. It will not only greatly reduce the aesthetic value of your house but could have very practical side effects as well. The different materials used when patching your roof could result in corrosion.

To avoid all the hassle, of course, you can employ the services of a professional roof restoration Melbourne company that has years of experience working with tin roofs.

Colorbond Repaint Before Selling HomeColorbond Roof

Another popular roofing type in the Melbourne area is colorbond roofs, which are gaining popularity fast due to their durability and easy maintenance. Although in its nature it is also a metal roof, it has some benefits compared to tin roofs.

Since the color is bonded into the steel it doesn’t need to be painted as often. You may go for as long as ten years before the paint needs refreshing. Lighter hues tend to fade a little slower than dark ones. Colorbond roofs are also known to be resistant to corrosion, cracking, and peeling.

So what’s left for you to maintain?

If the color has started to fade you could consider refreshing the coat. This will add to the external appeal of your house. Lead more about painting a Colorbond roof here.

If painting the roof is not necessary at this point, you might want to consider a thorough cleaning. Rain will usually wash most of the dirt away. Being close to the ocean, however, your roof is also vulnerable to building up salt. Use a soft cloth or sponge and apply pure soap or a non-abrasive detergent with water to clean the roof. When you’re done, rinse carefully to make sure no cleaning substances are left on the surface.

Hire a specialist to check for possible leaks and fix potential problems ahead of time. In case you have trees reaching over your gutters clean them of leaves and small branches. And if you are really willing to go that extra mile, you can check, and restore if needed, the metal finish of the gutters.

Dirt, salt, leaks, and gutters are not colorbond-specific and you may want to take care of them whatever roofing type you have. Remember that it’s usually the small details that make or break the deal when it comes to purchasing a new home.

roof restoration before selling home

Terracotta Roof

Terracotta roofings are popular not only for their classic look but for their rather low maintenance as well. Being made of fired clay, however, the clay tiles could crack or break. Before listing your property on the market check for the following potential issues associated with terracotta roofs:

  • Broken or misplaced tiles
  • Porous tiles
  • Built-up dirt

Clay tiles are usually hard and quite durable. Still, being exposed to extreme conditions could result in cracked or broken tiles. Such tiles should be replaced immediately to avoid leaks. Avoid walking over the tiles at any cost. If you want to inspect them, use a ladder and binoculars instead of climbing on the roof.

If the glazing of the tiles is partially or entirely missing, this will surely affect the looks of your roof. In their natural unglazed state terracotta tiles are porous which makes them less resistant to the elements, easier to break, and to gather dirt. Whether you should choose a high-build primer or a simple translucent sealer, recoating your tiles will preserve them for several years. Keep in mind, however, that additionally laid sealers are not as long lasting as the original tile glazing and should be maintained every 5 to 10 years.

Tiled roofs are also inclined to collect dirt and develop moss. Terracotta tiles should be cleaned by professionals. If you have decided to reseal your tiles, water-pressure cleaning will remove the remaining coating and will prepare the surface for the sealer.

Clay tiles are highly resistant to the effects of the sun, and their color does not usually fade. You should note, though, that painting terracotta tiles is not recommended. Unglazed terracotta tiles could still be painted, however, once painted they will need regular maintenance and recoating, which would significantly increase the total costs.

Vivify Roofing is proud to offer terracotta roof restoration that Melbourne residents can count on to breathe new life into old tiles.

Concrete Tiled RoofConcrete Tile Roof

Concrete tiles are similar to terracotta roofing not only in their looks and durability but in their maintenance as well. Broken and porous tiles as well as dirt and moss build up promise the same potential issues.

The first and most essential thing to do is to replace any broken or damaged tiles. They pose a danger to the house and your family and can significantly reduce the asking price when selling your home.

Just as terracotta, concrete tiles are covered with a protective coating over their natural porous state. If you notice the coating is damaged you should again consider resealing your tiles.

One difference to the clay, however, is that concrete tends to fade over time and painting it can make it look brand new. If you feel like improving the aesthetic view of your home, you should first apply oil-based primer to prepare the surface and then paint them using 100% acrylic paint to ensure a long-lasting result.

A thorough cleaning can be done with pressured water but should be done by a professional to avoid the water leaking into the house. Again, check, clean, and if needed recoat the gutters for optimal curb appeal.

Maintaining and restoring a tiled roof could be expensive so it is best to invest in hiring a roof inspector regularly to advise you on what repairs are needed and fix everything in a timely matter.

New Roof Add ValueHow Much Value Does a New Roof Add When Selling a House?

The first impression often helps in making the final decision. A heritage home, for example, would lose half its charm, and value, if it doesn’t come with a well-maintained terracotta roof.

According to real estate specialists, a renovated roof may add approximately 15 to 40 percent to the value of your home. This is mainly because of the fact that a bad looking roof will suggest a neglected home as well. Being troubled with the eventual costs, the scared potential buyers will try to reduce the asking price as much as possible.

On the other side, a good looking home that makes a great first impression assures the buyers they will live in it care-free for at least a few years. Such a house would be a great catch on the market and buyers are more likely to agree to the asking price so they don’t miss on the opportunity.

Once the buyers decide that your house is exactly what they want, negotiations begin. Take advantage of everything you’ve done and use it as a negotiation point. Ensure the buyers that they won’t have to worry about their roof for years to come. You could even mention how much money and hassle this will save them. When people are happy they tend to close their eyes for other minor issues and it would be easier to seal the deal on or really close to the asking price.

However, if the roof is yet to be restored, they could be the ones to take advantage of the negotiation and use it as a reason to pay a significantly lower price. In some cases, a neglected roof may turn out to be a deal-breaker, especially if combined with other problems buyers will need to deal with.

With professional Roof Restoration Melbourne services, you can ensure that your roof is in excellent condition, enhancing the overall appeal and value of your home for potential buyers.

Dirty House RoofCan You Sell a Home With a Bad Roof?

Selling your house with a roof in need of repair is not impossible. It may, however, turn out to be quite difficult and delayed in time. You are going to attract far fewer buyers because most homeowners want a house that is ready to be lived in. In addition, it may be expected that the final price will be greatly reduced.

The discounted amount is also likely to be higher compared to the costs associated with the roof restoration. The type of people commonly interested in buying homes with damaged roofing are investors. They are hoping to do the repairs themselves and then put the house back on the market to turn a hefty profit.

Selling a house that needs a new roof could take months, and even years, especially in a highly saturated market such as the Melbourne area.

To get noticed in the sea of real estate listings make sure you offer something that appeals to the people. Something that is worth taking their time to come and check it out in person. A clean and restored roof should be among the first things on your mind. Still, there is always that extra mile that will make you truly stand out from the crowd.

Did you know, for example, that neutral tones are suggested to please the eye? If your roof could use a paint job consider switching to light gray or cream and avoid bold colors. Heat reflective roof paint will add additional value as it will also keep the temperatures low during the summer.

Installing roof insulation is another element that will add significant value to your home and will surely be noticed by the potential buyers. The possibilities are nearly endless. How far are you willing to go is entirely up to you.

But the important thing is that you get the job done right. A lot of home improvement jobs can be done on your own. Roofing isn’t one of them. Not only is it dangerous, but messing up could cost you thousands of dollars down the line. If you are looking for a trusted Melbourne roofer to help you get your roof in the best shape possible for a home sale, get in touch with Vivify Roofing today.

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