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The Complete Guide to Roof Restoration

The roof is an important part of the house. It protects it and its tenants from the cold, windy, or burning weather, but also provides a large part of the insulation of the building. It is a priority to maintain and restore it when renovating a house, especially as weather conditions and other external factors deteriorate the roof over time.

You may only need to replace a few broken tiles, renew a flashing, and make minor repairs, but some symptoms may indicate that the roof as a whole is in a very deteriorated condition. Do not wait for your roof to be in such a state.

Roof restoration and maintenance extends the longevity of your home and increases its overall value by ridding the roof of mold and dirt that has been accumulated over time. Roofing work can, among other things, solve a waterproofing problem that manifests itself as damp stains in your home. It is important to ensure that this is repaired and to carry out an inspection from time to time, to make the necessary corrections, and to undertake a renovation if necessary.

Yet, treating roofs is a specific task that requires a great deal of experience and the use of appropriate techniques in order to prevent damage from developing. If your roof is slightly damaged, but in good general condition, you can proceed with a roof restoration. This involves keeping the majority of the roof covering but repairing broken or fallen tiles. The roofing company takes the opportunity to clean and treat the roof covering.

How to assess the damage? When is the right time to refurbish a roof? When should the insulation or the framework be redone? What materials should be chosen and what budget should be allocated to roof restoration in Melbourne? What local and national regulations should be followed to complete the project? Which company should you choose to carry out a roof restoration in the best conditions, on time, and at the right price?

This complete guide for Roof Restoration provides all the answers to your questions and more.


Professional Roofer


Why would you need to have your roof restored?

The surface of the roof is often out of our sight and we tend to forget that it is the main façade of our house. There are many reasons for performing a roof restoration in Melbourne, depending on your specific situation.

It may be necessary to have your roof renewed if it has suffered significant damage, or if there are recurring problems that cannot be solved by a simple home cleaning job. You may also choose to restore your roof to improve your quality of life, for example by using more environmentally friendly materials and providing better thermal insulation. Renovating your roof is also an opportunity to completely change its visual aspect and give your house a different look (in compliance with local standards), by changing the tiles or the gutters for example. This also increases the market value of the property.

Keep in mind that the maintenance of a roof, including cleaning, and the quality of the installation, will extend its lifespan, regardless of the type of roof, thereby delaying the need to replace it. In any case, roof restoration in Melbourne should be carefully considered in relation to your project, budget, and the specifics of your roof.

The first thing to do is to find out the average life expectancy of the roof you have installed according to the roofing materials you have chosen, be it terracotta tiles, concrete tiles, Colorbond, or metal.

The next step is a detailed examination by a professional roofer to identify any damaged areas and to calculate the cost of renovating your roof according to a number of criteria such as its age and condition. The Melbourne roofer will also check the condition of the joints and edges, the presence of moss, the state of the ventilation, and many other things.

And don’t forget: when it comes to roofing, prevention is better than cure. If you maintain and clean your roof properly, you can keep it for a long time without having to replace it.



Risks of having a failing roof

Many homeowners wonder why they should have their roofs restored. The roof is the element that insulates your house and protects it from rain, snow, frost, and wind. It is therefore essential not to neglect the roof of your house in order to keep it in good condition and avoid a number of possible risks to the building.

Generally speaking, a roof in poor condition presents risks to your home that increase in severity. Water leaks, infiltration, stains on the ceiling, bad smells, or even mould are some of the signs that your roof is damaged and no longer waterproof. The roof will need to be made watertight again. A simple leak that is spotted too late, or left as it is, can have serious consequences if nothing is done. It could be as simple as a few cracked tiles or as serious as a waterproofing or insulation problem.

Whatever the cause, water produces effects that can ultimately call into question the solidity of the walls, ceilings, and floors of the house. The entire structure of your home can be affected by leaks in your roof, which can add significantly to the cost of repairs. Especially in Melbourne as it is close to the ocean and saltwater can easily land on your rood, damaging its structure in even more ways.

A roofing problem can cause damage to the interior of the house, but it can also be an entry point for pests. Small rodents can enter your home through the roof. To avoid these risks and costly work, you should therefore consider checking the condition of your roof annually.

The roof also makes an important contribution to the comfort of your home. In addition to water infiltration, it is also the heat retainer. As a reminder, 30% of the heat can escape through the roof. Here again, when the roof is in poor condition, the insulation no longer plays its role. As a result, the heat escapes, and you are forced to consume more energy to keep your home warm and comfortable. The immediate consequence is a significant increase in your heating bill, and the long-term consequences is, well, a big hit to the environment.


Broken Roof Tiles


Dulux has a brochure available which explains what signs to look for that indicate you may need a roof restoration:

Dulux 9 signs you need roof restoration


What does a roof restoration Melbourne involve?

Moss, lichen, pollution, aging, and atmospheric fallout… Your roof is exposed to various aggressions that affect its appearance and condition. Regular maintenance is necessary to take care of your roof.

Roof renovation work includes repairing the roof covering with specific treatments. Regular roof cleaning optimizes its performance and prolongs its life span. Maintenance also enhances the look of the roof and gives contributing to the overall quality of the property.

The first step in cleaning terracotta tile, concrete tile, Colorbond, or metal roof is to remove any tree branches, debris, and leaves that may be present. High-pressure cleaning is then carried out to rid the roof of dirt and moss. A water repellent treatment can be applied to waterproof the roof. New paint can also be carried out as a solution for better insulation.

The cleaning and treatment of the roof depend on the nature of the coating materials used. Terracotta tile roofs, concrete tile roofs, Colorbond, and metal roofs: each type requires a specific approach and adapted products. For example, wood needs to be sprayed with specific fungicides and insecticides.

Likewise, a carefully treated roof reduces the amount of work involved in repair and renovation, including thermal renovation, roof frame replacement, etc.

Your professional Melbourne roofer examines the entire structure of your roof, including:

  • Sub-roof
  • Frame
  • Membrane
  • Shingles
  • Roof covering
  • Ridge

This assessment process is done to detect any possible breaks, design flaws, or installation defects that may appear later. Some signs of roofing problems can also be seen inside the house: leaks, mould, waterproofing problems, infiltration, etc. Call in a roof restoration company in Melbourne before it’s too late.


Dulux offers their Dulux Acratex Roof Membrane which delivers long lasting colour durability that resists colour fading and discolouration up to 2x as long as other brands.


Zincalume Roof Restoration


When should you restore your roof?

Every roof has a different lifespan. Assessing the condition of the roof yourself can be a daunting task. Knowing what to check and what minor signs of damage could cost you, in the long run, is not as simple. Unless your living room is perpetually littered with buckets catching leaks, it’s likely you’ve never considered repairing your roof.

It’s important to check your roof at least once a year and after every major weather event. Depending on the age of your roof, you should regularly request a visit from a roofer:

  • Every 10 years for a roof that is 10 years old or less
  • Every 2 years for a roof that is 20 years old
  • Every year for a 40-year-old roof

These precautions will ensure that your roof stays in good condition for as long as possible and that you can immediately spot the signs that your roof is in trouble. Signs to look out for include:

  • Checking that your roof is not missing any tiles or slates
  • Checking that there is no water ingress or leakage
  • Checking for moss or lichen on the tiles
  • Checking that the slate hooks are not oxidized
  • Checking that the tiles are not wavy or that your zinc roofing is not rough

Before proceeding with the restoration of the roof, a specialist must examine the roof structure in order to offer you the most appropriate solutions.


When is the best time for a roof renovation?

If you are planning to restore your roof, the weather is an important factor to take into consideration. Warm, dry weather without rain or wind is necessary to prevent water from entering your home during the restoration process. To that end, spring and summer are the best times for roof renovation. Autumn is also an optimal choice. Temperatures are mild and there is less rainfall than in other seasons. Workers can tackle the job quickly. They won’t have to worry about heat, cold or rain.


Roof Restoration Melbourne


Why is it important to hire a good roofing contractor?

When it comes to building renovation, it’s always tempting to take shortcuts to save money. Whether you do it yourself or hire a general contractor, you will often regret the decision to forego the services of an expert. This is especially true when it comes to roofing work, which often involves potential dangers and complications.

The maintenance of your roof is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. You will have to live with the performance of the renewed roof for many years to come.

Hiring experienced roofing contractors for your roof restoration services in Melbourne and the surrounding areas is strongly advisable. However, when you’re putting the security of your roof in the hands of contractors, there are a few steps you should follow to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Inexperienced and incapable roofers may further worsen the state of your roof. Qualified roofing contractors on the other hand will improve the lifespan of your roof by using quality roofing materials with industry-standard tools and techniques.


Roof Restoration Melbourne The Complete Guide


Repainting the roof

Repainting your roof not only affects its aesthetic appearance and gives a new shine to your home, but it also protects your property as a whole.

Being exposed to the outside environment, the paint on your roof is in direct contact with the weather. It endures temperature variations, wind, rain, insects, external aggressions, pollution that causes moss, fungus, heat loss, or leakage.

As a result, it is necessary to repaint your roof from time to time to keep it in good condition and maintain its sleek appearance, thus considerably increasing the value of your home.

Painting is also a wise choice for various problems such as waterproofing or corrosion problems on metal roofs. It prevents moisture penetration and preserves your roof.


Roof Restoration Melbourne Painting


Moss removal on the roof

In addition to the impact on the roof, which becomes dirty and looks neglected, moss and algae also cause water infiltration. A roof moss removal is therefore essential in order to get rid of the infestation.

The ideal is one that involves cleaning the moss with a brush and water, without having to scrape the roofing because of the overly rooted moss. It is less traumatic for your roof.

If the moss proves to be stubborn, the use of an anti-foam and algaecide/fungicide treatment will remove the most resistant species, using an environmentally friendly product.

The ideal is to proceed to a roof de-mossing after the last leaves have fallen, in dry weather and without rain announced in the next 3 days, to let your roofing dry properly. The periods of great heat are not favourable to the treatments of de-mossing: the products would evaporate before achieving their purpose.


Roof Restoration Melbourne cleaning


Waterproofing the roof

A hydrophobic is a product composed of water or siliconised acrylic resin, which allows rainwater to slide down the roof and ensures better insulation of your roof by waterproofing it. It is a kind of durable protection that keeps the roof in good condition and its original colour.

This waterproofing method also helps prevent cracks from appearing on your roof. There are many types of waterproofing products adapted to different roofing materials. This technique avoids the fixation of dirt and dust by functioning as a sealant. When applying the water repellent, the professional must be careful to homogenize the product and apply it to the entire surface of the roof.

There are different waterproofing solutions to choose from:

  1. Film-forming water repellent that forms a hard coating that protects the roof from water penetration
  2. Coloured water repellent is recommended for tiles that have turned white
  3. Water repellent with a pearlescent effect that provides lasting protection while allowing the roof to breathe

A quality water repellent product provides protection for the next 5 years, so you don’t have to repeat the waterproofing treatment every year.

Note that this step comes after the roof has been cleared of moss. It is a complement to the cleaning after the application of the anti-moss treatment.


Roof Restoration Melbourne roof leak


How much does roof restoration cost in Melbourne?

If your roof has already lost its appeal and is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, discolouration, algae or mould, it means that the value of your entire home is diminished. But that’s not all: your roof is also at risk of losing its protective function and can lead to further damage to the interior of your home. In such a situation, a costly repair would then be required.

If you want to avoid exposing yourself to these risks unnecessarily and keep the roof in good condition while avoiding the horrendous costs associated with replacing the entire roof or even renovating the entire property, you should consider regular roof restoration as a more economical solution.

The budget you will need is determined by multiple factors. Understanding them will help you make a rough estimate.





How Much Does it Cost To Clean and Seal a Roof?

A thorough cleaning of the roof is necessary before starting any restoration work if such work is to be performed. The cost of this operation is less related to the material of the roof than to the condition of the surface and the size of the roof.

Sometimes it may be necessary to recoat the roof immediately after cleaning. This means that professionals will need to replace the cement in the gables and the ridge cap. This type of work can be more or less expensive depending on the size of the roof and therefore the amount of work to be done.

Once the roof has been thoroughly groomed and no further repairs are required, the roof is ready to be resealed. This is generally considered a facultative operation, however it offers quality protection and is highly recommended to extend the longevity of your home. The waterproofing of the roof can be improved by applying a special paint or coating.

The price of a professional cleaning varies according to the roofing materials and the treatment to be applied, whether it is a high-pressure cleaning, an anti-foam solution, or a waterproofing. Some waterproofing or moss control products are more expensive than others depending on the type of roof. The cost also depends on the size of your roof.



Roof Restoration Melbourne - Roof Sealant

Dulux AcraTex coatings and system solutions are designed with the Australian built environment in mind.



Elements that will influence the price of a roof restoration

The price of a roof restoration will depend on a number of factors.

  • Is it a renovation project? In this case, the removal of the old roofing and the disposal of the waste will be included.
  • Is it a complete re-roofing, or a partial re-roofing, or a simple straightening of the roof?
  • Should the new roof be insulated from the outside using a method called sarking?
  • What type of roofing material do you have? Terracotta, concrete, Colorbond or metal?
  • Would you like to take advantage of the opportunity to increase the light in your attic by installing roof windows?
  • What type of rainwater drainage will you choose? Copper, zinc, or aluminium?
  • What compromise will you make between the longest lifespan of your roof and the most economical price?
  • What is the surface area of the roof to be restored? The larger the area, the more materials, and labour are required.
  • How complex is the roof? The number of slopes, the number of roof outlets (chimneys, various ventilation such as VMC or pit ventilation), the number of roof windows are all singular points that will make the work take longer to complete and will therefore increase the estimate.
  • The cost of the roofing professional: the hourly cost of a roofing professional for renovation or construction work varies according to his qualifications, but also according to the region where you are located. In built-up areas, the cost will be higher than in the countryside, as the constraints are not the same: blocking the street, administrative declarations, parking, delivery, etc. These are all possibilities that can increase or decrease the price of the estimate.


Concrete tile roof restoration

Over the years, concrete tiles lose their waterproofing properties. The beginning of the roof restoration is done in the same way as for a terracotta roof. The experts start by spraying the roof with anti-foam products. This is followed by stripping, which is always carried out under moderate pressure.

Coating the tiles has the double benefit of making the roof waterproof and extending its lifespan. Once the tiles have been restored, the coating is sprayed on in two layers. As soon as the finishing layer has been applied, there is no more porosity.



Terracotta tile roof restoration

Working professionally also means protecting everything that does not need to be treated, especially the facades. This also means protecting the environment. The first step in the restoration of your terracotta roof is to clean it with a product that will destroy moss and lichen. To remove any remaining dirt on the roof, the roofing company uses medium pressure cleaning, especially to avoid lifting the tiles. The next step is the application of the special colourless water repellent, which will keep the original appearance of the tiles. Before leaving, the technicians usually carry out a complete cleaning of the site.


saltwater effect terracotta roof




The cost of restoring a tile roof

As a general rule, it is better to consider repairing the damaged area of the roof rather than replacing it completely. Tiles last longer than other surfaces and components of your home. You could therefore save a lot of money by repairing one or two of them.

There is no average cost of restoring a tiled roof as the extent of works will vary, each home in Melbourne has a unique roof.

Any repair works will also vary including cracks or mismatches which can damage the underlying layer and even cause leaks inside the building. The average cost of sealing a roof will also depend on the extent of works.

What is the purpose of sealing? In the case of a relatively flat slope or when summers are particularly hot, roof restoration and sealing keeps your roof in pristine condition. It can also improve the energy efficiency of your home depending on colour and coatings used.

As for painting a tiled roof, it can cost anywhere from $4000 to $20,000 as a ballpark estimate. Again, it is more economical for you to repaint your roof than to replace it, especially if the material is not damaged but you want to refresh the appearance of your home.

You should know that once the roof has been restored, you are good for many years to come. It is an investment that guarantees that your house will remain structurally sound, that the insulation will be effective and protected by a roof in good condition, and that you will save energy.


Why do roof restoration prices vary?

Lets look at a few different scenarios.

Customer 1 has a unit or small home with a 100m2 roof, it’s a tile roof and upon quotation a few tiles need to be replaced and the ridge caps need to be repointed.

Customer 2 has a heritage/period style home with a 180m2 roof with a few broken tiles, the profile of the heritage roof tiles are rather hard too find, the roof restoration company will need to contact many tile yards to see if they can find a perfect match.

Customer 3 has a home that’s only 15 years old with a 150m2 roof, they now want to change the colour of the roof however the pitch of the roof is quite steep so access equipment may be required. Upon inspection some of the valleys and flashings that help seal the roof were installed incorrectly 15 years ago and the house is now out of warranty.

The above is just an example of how the scope of a roof restoration project in Melbourne can vary, no average ballpark or square meter rate can be applied.


Metal roof restoration

In order to ensure that your metal tile, zinc, aluminium, or copper roof lasts as long as possible, it is essential to maintain it properly.

The most common problems in damaged roof ceilings are rainwater seepage around the roof frames. The thermal insulation gets wet and loses its sealing capacity. Water drips down during heavy rainfall. Seepage can also occur at the roof frames. This damages the ceilings, stains paint, and other coatings. The thermal insulation is soaked and can no longer fulfil its function properly.

In order to check the sealing of the roof and to avoid the risk of leakage, do not hesitate to call in a professional who will check the state of the welds for zinc as well as the ridge (the part at the top connecting the two sides of the roof), and the edges.

In the case of roof restoration, the professionals will also check the condition of the metal structure where there may be hidden damage. This part of the roof will also have to be restored to avoid damage to the structure of your house.



Metal Roof Restoration Melbourne



The cost of restoring a metal roof

There is no shortage of materials to choose from: steel, standing seam zinc, copper, aluminium. Steel sheeting is fixed to the roof structure with suitable screws, while zinc, copper, or aluminium should preferably be laid with a standing seam on the roof’s complete sheathing. This consists of covering the rafters completely with continuous planking, usually 15 to 30 mm thick.

Some homeowners who have tried the small patching method will confirm that it is more economical to replace the damaged areas completely.

The estimated cost of repairing a severely damaged or corroded roof is close to the cost of installing a new roof. Unidentified leaks can cause significant structural damage to the roof structure. If structural repairs are required, the existing roof will have to be removed.

It is generally easier to restore a low-pitched roof than a high-pitched roof. The complexity of the structure is also a factor in determining the cost of the restoration. Roofs with windows and other peculiarities also require more work. In the case of a steeply sloping and structurally complex roof, the bill can be multiplied by three to five.

Regular high-pressure cleaning will keep your metal roof in good condition and remove dirt. Although good quality metal roofs are more likely to be long-lasting, it is still best to clean and check them once a year.


Roof Restoration Melbourne Metal Roof



The thickness of the material is an important factor to consider and directly affects the cost of your project. The roofing material is either rolled metal sheets or corrugated or ribbed sheets that have a conventional tile appearance. Depending on the type of metal, its thickness, the complexity of the job to be done, prices can vary greatly. Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes from professionals for different materials in order to make an informed decision.



It is highly recommended that you have a coating applied to your metal roof, both for protection against the weather and aesthetically for the colour.

Most coatings will limit the bleaching of your roof, i.e. the appearance of a whitish veil due to natural oxidation. These coatings are generally resistant to discoloration at given temperatures.

For a perfect result, carried out by a professional equipped with efficient and adapted tools, you can budget between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars to have your metal roof painted.


Roof Restoration Melbourne - Coating

NuFlex is a fine particle size, wet adhesion promoted acrylic emulsion coating for cement and roof tiles and all masonry surfaces.


Money is not everything

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when choosing a roofer is that they select the company based on price and do not pay enough attention to their reputation and experience. Many of these homeowners find that they end up paying a lot more money in the long run because the cheap roofer they hired was not qualified. On the other hand, a reputable roofing company will offer you a workmanship guarantee and if there are any problems, they will take care of them for free. So, never choose a roofing company solely on the basis of price.

The criteria to consider when choosing the right roof restoration company in Melbourne

While it is fairly easy to find a roofer, finding the right one is not so simple, no matter what the job is. A careful search must therefore be conducted in order to avoid any disappointments. Here are some key points to consider for a good choice.


Vivify Roofing Colorbond


Choose a local roofer

The best thing to do when considering restoring your roof in Melbourne is to hire a local company. They will know the weather conditions in the area, as well as other special considerations that you need to take into account. Thus, the local company will address your concerns and provide you with a roof restoration that is suitable for the Melbourne climate, which can vary from extreme cold to scorching heat. You may be familiar with the heavy winds or the extremely dry Victorian summers. With such weather conditions, it is important to have a roof that can withstand the heat and heat. Another advantage of using a nearby roofing professional is that they are easier to reach in an emergency. And ultimately, you are helping the local economy.


Roof Restoration Melbourne - Local Roofer


Check the reviews and ratings

One of the most effective ways of checking whether the roof restoration company has a good reputation is by word of mouth or a quick Google search. So take the time to ask around. Don’t worry if you don’t have anyone close to you to ask as there are plenty of forums and discussion groups on the internet. There is no point in relying on the first negative opinion you come across. You will need to browse through several groups to get a better comparison.

Pro Tip: Another great place to check a Melbourne roof restoration companies reviews are on


Vivify Roofing Roof Restoration Melbourne Reviews

View our Google Reviews

Ask for the Portfolio

If a roofing company is particularly successful, they will not hesitate to show you the projects they have completed. If you want to see testimonials from previous customers, you can go to the company’s website or social media platforms.

However, be wary of repeated reviews from the same date. This spam is proof that the reviews do not come from real people. The best solution is to contact the person concerned and ask them about their experience and how the intervention was conducted. This way you will know if everything went as planned and if the roof kept its shape after time has passed.

Another advantage of looking at the company’s portfolio is to see the type of roofs they have restored and the quality of the workmanship. If you have a specific project in mind, hire a professional who clearly has experience in the type of restoration work you need.

Roof Restoration Cremorne Before REV2Roof Restoration Cremorne After REV2

Ask for Warranty of the Works

Asking for Warranty period is important as it is also a reassurance. That also guarantees that the roof restoration company uses the best tools and techniques in the region.

This means that you can be assured of high-quality work.


Ask for the Insurance

A reliable, professional roofer should provide his customers with a certain guarantee. Reputable companies are obliged to provide a decennial guarantee. As you would expect, this is valid for 10 years. It offers protection and recourse to the client in the event of damage after the work has been completed.

In Australia, there are two types of insurance that every good roof restoration company must have:

  • The Worker’s Compensation Insurance covers the members of the team restoring your roof. If one of these people is injured, you will not be held responsible for his or her medical expenses, which would be the case if the company does not have insurance to cover it.
  • The General Liability Insurance protects against accidents that occur on your property. In the event of an accident resulting from the company’s actions, such as fire, flood, or other damage, it is not your responsibility to repair the damage both physically and financially.

Request to see Certificates of Currency or other written evidence that their premiums are paid to date for each of these covers. If your tradie balks at providing this information, then regard this as an alarm bell that they don’t have cover, and continue your search for an insured contractor. – Berkley Insurance Australia

Ask for a guarantee of the work

Any qualified company will be prepared to guarantee the quality of its work. Some do so in writing to guarantee the products they recommend. They must take responsibility for the possible consequences of the repairs carried out. We can’t stress this enough, but if you ignore this step, you risk being held responsible for repairing the workers’ mistakes.


Vivify Roofing Roof Restoration Melbourne


Ask for written estimates

To ensure good communication between you and the roof restoration company, a written estimate should be prepared. This document will serve as a benchmark for evaluating and tracking the costs of the work, as well as the materials and labour involved.

A written estimate serves as an explicit agreement and helps to ensure that commitments are met. A company that provides this document can be trusted to manage your expectations.


Roof Restoration Melbourne written estimate


Fix deadlines

The roofing company must state in their contract the time needed to complete the work as well as their expected working hours. The start and finish of the job should also be mentioned. If the contractor is taking too long to provide information or a quote, this is not a good sign. It is better to turn away from such companies to avoid any unpleasant surprises. A roofer who is able to meet deadlines is a serious professional, especially in the field of roofing where any delay can have serious consequences.


Take the relational aspect into account

For any good collaboration, it is essential to be able to understand each other. The contact is therefore an important point to consider for more transparency. Your service provider should be able to understand your needs and requirements. Since you will probably have many questions, it is preferable to choose a roofer who will listen to you. They will be able to explain the steps to be taken and give you honest and sound advice.


Roof Restoration Deadline



Ensure there will be a follow-up

The most important part of the roofing restoration process is the follow-up. Indeed, in order to avoid any potential problems on your roof, close and regular monitoring is necessary. This type of follow-up and maintenance cannot easily be done by a roofer from another country or city.

Here again, turning to a professional in the local market is the best solution. It is not impossible for a roofer to follow a roof made in another city than his own. But this would be rather difficult and challenging in the long run. The company would have to send staff, free up time, and make a long journey to your home. In addition, this will represent a huge logistical investment for the company, which in turn will be expensive for you.

A Melbourne roofer, on the other hand, can make detours at any time to check the condition of the roof. And, unlike a foreign agency, there will be more follow-up appointments, at a more attractive price.


Roof Restoration Follow up


Check the expected time of payment

A reputable company should not ask you to pay for the entire project in advance. However, a deposit may be requested before the work begins.

According to the Domestic Building Contracts (DBS) Act of 2000, the amount of the deposit cannot exceed 10% of the total cost of work up to $20,000.

You should also be aware that completion payment for the project should not be made until the work is completely finished. This assures you that the job went as planned and that you are satisfied with the outcome.

The law governing contracts for building a home, or extending or renovating a house, in Victoria is the Domestic Building Contracts Act


Roof Restoration Melbourne Payment


Ask about the materials to be used

For any work on your roof, the materials used by the company must be of high quality. They must be resistant, long-lasting, and respect well-defined characteristics. The methods used must also be consistent with the nature of the material.

The use of equipment that meets safety standards is a must for any respected professional roofer, whether you call them for maintenance or restoration of your roof. Since not all roofers will have the same skills, make sure that the one you select is able to install the equipment properly.


Colorbond Ultra Roofing Material


Take advantage of a free quote

Once you have selected several roofers using the above criteria, you should then contact them to ask for a quote. In theory, the drawing up of an estimate, which is a necessary document before signing a contract, should be completely free. It is more of a necessity than an asset.

On top of that, you should insist that the quote is clear, precise, and well detailed, as it will serve as a reference. Make sure it mentions the different jobs that your roofing company will be doing and that you know the details of the cost of the materials, the cost of each service, and the taxes associated with it.


Roof Restoration Melbourne Free Quote


Types of roofs often restored in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne is far from being an old city when compared to many other countries’ cities. However, the diversity of roofing styles is amazing.

Houses in Melbourne regularly change in style. Post-war buildings tend to evolve into different styles and to expand in size. Despite this evolution, the main exterior walls of Victorian houses are still brick. With the development of Colorbond, the city began to develop a new style, unique to the region.

With escalating utility bills, Melbourne residents are increasingly turning to these Colorbond roofing materials. Colorbond roofing materials are more thermally efficient. They consume significantly less energy and are even better at preventing bushfires. As a result, they leave a smaller environmental footprint.

Roof restoration in Melbourne is an essential operation due to this area’s climate and proximity to the ocean. The greatest proportion of complete roof replacements are for certain types of roofs more than others.

Pre-Federal or Victorian metal-roofed homes are the most likely to need restoration in the near future if it has not already been done. Roof restoration on these styles of homes is extremely beneficial and effective. Then there are the red brick California bungalows. Just like the Fed houses, the roofs of these homes are covered with tiles. They lend themselves perfectly to restoration services.


New Colorbond Roof

Closing thoughts

You have probably noticed that there is a lot of competition between different roof restoration companies. It is therefore essential to know how to choose the right provider, the one who will do the best job for your roof without overcharging you. The professional you choose should meet all the necessary requirements to do any work on your roof and know the area like the back of their hand. Use this roof restoration guide to help you make your decision, and enjoy a roof looking like new!

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