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Colorbond’s® New Matt Steel Colour Range

If you ask any Australian, they will tell you Colorbond® produces the best ultra-durable quality steel designed with elegance and style. It is a favourite roofing material in Melbourne, and its properties withstand the competitive Australian weather 24X7. Colourbond® colours never lose its shine and the choice of finishes has now been expanded with the addition of Colorbond Matt Steel.

Colorbond® has yet again raised the bar in roof style by introducing a new Colorbond Matt Steel range, the new colours offer a rich and subtle look that adds to your elite style and value of a property. Shale Grey, Surfmist, Basalt, Dune are some of the favourite colour options that you could avail for your property.

A matter of luxury, distinctness and exuberance, Colourbond® Matt finish offers a soothing experience just to look at. It is the exterior colour that we see, and it makes all the difference. All the available colours undergo multiple intensive testing. It’s designed to keep the interiors cool throughout the year by reflecting heat in daytime. The Matt finish is powered by Bluescope’s Matt paint technology. Colorbond Matt finish is not just a collection of colours but is an experience that will offer you a one of a kind finish on your roof.


Colorbond Matt Steel Swatches
Colorbond Matt Steel Colour Range

More infromation on Colorbond Matt Steel can be found on the Colorbond website.

Colourbond® Matte range comes in fashionable colorbond colour gradients from light to subtle dark tone. It enriches the look of your residence as well as commercial space. The colour palette offers Surfmist, Shale Grey, Dune, Basalt and Monument. The beauty of all the different colour radiates a positive aura that makes you feel relaxed even in hot summers as well as in rainy season. It helps to keep the ambience cooler and peaceful.

Whether you are looking for a roof material for your new home or a roof restoration Colorbond’s design, durability, price, colours, lightweight is of such high quality that once you use a colorbond product, you won’t desire to try anything else ever.

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