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Tile Roof vs Metal Roof (Colorbond)

The weather conditions in Australia make competent roofing an essential part of new home building and renovation, but which one can stand the test of time in the Australian Climate? Tile Roof vs Metal Roof . Roofing is not just about creating a sturdy mundane shade but involves trendy designs and durability at a said price. The two most prevalent types of roofing are Tile and Tin roofing. Both have thier respective pros and cons.

Tile & Tin Roof Designs:

Tile roofing has been around for centuries. Some people may argue that tin or Colorbond roofs that come in various modern designs and colors don’t offer the elegance of traditional tiles and often remain constrained in a flat look. In today’s current trends this has shifted greatly as many well known Architects, Draftsmen and Builders have been incorporating Colorbond in some amazing designs.  Tiles come in different unique materials like terracotta & concrete, in diverse color range and designs that make them sought after. Tin roofing on the other hand offers a wide variety of colors that don’t easily fade away with weathering and creates an aura of long lasting beauty and splendor around your home. In case of warehouses and office buildings tin roofing would add to the professional look that is also very important to make a positive mark. For the case of the Tile Roof vs Metal Roof the material selection should be one that fits in with the design of your home and its Facade.

Tile & Tin Durability:

Both tile and tin offer great durability but one has got some advantages over the other in this section. In case of hail and storm in some cases, it’s more likely for tin that is a metal to better withstand such harsh weather conditions than a tile would do. Tin is more resistant to fire and is easier to meet the BAL requirements for those whose homes have a bushfire protection overlay.  However, the normal lifespan of tiles in sereve weather conditions are more than tin with 25 and 50 years, but Colorbond has since changed that with their advanced durable coatings, Colorbond’s technology is one of the reasons it is so common to see people replacing roof tiles with colorbond.

Installation & Maintenance:

Installing, supporting and maintaining tin roofs are can be easier and cheaper compared to tile roofs. As tiles tend to be heavy, a greater support is generally required to hold the roof tiles in place, but in case of tin roofs no such additional support may be required. Walking on tin roofs for maintenance and repairing is safer than tiles roof, tiles also tend to break at times when walked over, especially those that have aged. On the other end of the spectrum a wet colorbond roof can be an extremely slippery surface. A single piece of damaged tile can be replaced with another identical looking one but in case of a damaged tin sheet, the entire sheet has to be changed that is likely to be more costly than a single roof tile.

Heating & Insulation:

In the case of the Tile Roof vs Metal Roof there is the immediate properties of each product but the question is not answered by the product alone as the final energy ratings that come with supporting products such as insulation. Tiles have always proven to offer a cooler roof space and home interior than a tin roof that is made of thin sheet of metal that in turn transfers way more heat than a tile roof with good conduction would do. However companies such as Permastop, Bradford & Earthwool have developed a highly efficient and specialised insulation for colorbond roofs known as “Blankets”. A well designed colorbond roof with the correct rating blankets can even provide a better thermal barrier than a insulated tile roof.

Tile Roof vs Metal Roof Prices:

In general tin roofs are more affordable in a new builds compares to tile roofs, but the price might vary in some cases such as roof and truss design. In the case of a Roof Restoration there is no immediate answer as it will always be on a case by case basis, it would not make financial sense to replace an entire tile roof with Colorbond is there restoration service is only minor such as a reseal and paint. However, the utility of both the materials are different. Tiles always offer an elegant and posh look to your home and tin roofs offer a cost effective method to make your roofing for house.

To conclude, one has to say that both tile and tin serves as reliable roofing but serves other purposes as well as in the field of looks, elegance, price and choice. It would be wise to base your decision for the one that better suits your purpose.

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  1. That is nice that both tile and tin offer great durability for a roofing option. My husband and I have been trying to decide on what kind of roof that we should get, but we are having a hard time picking a material. I’m glad that with a tile roof if a piece is damaged it can easily be replaced with another one. It sounds like a great option.

  2. It’s good to know that a tiled roof will offer an elegant and posh look to one’s home. We are planning to have our roof renovated so that it looks good on the outside as well. Given that it does offer an elegant look, I’ll mention this to my wife so that we can start looking for a tiled roof style that will appeal to both of us.

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