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Body Corporate Roof Restoration and Repairs

Roofs are commonly thought of as exclusively an individual’s property but they can be common property too. Owning or managing this kind of roof comes with a special kind of maintenance needs. From assessments to recommendations and repairs proper, every step of the process needs to be documented with photographs and verbose reports.

Here are some details on how body corporate roof restoration and repair work, including the process, common questions and how we can help.

Corporate Roof Restoration

Body Corporate Roof Repairs

Recent advances in technology have enabled drone inspections prior to repair but for body corporates, a roof inspection must be meticulous and done in person. Lip-Lok, Tin & Colorbond are most commonly used in commercial applications. Unfortunately in some scenarios when buildings are being constructed the work can be subbed out more than once, which can result in trades who carry out fast, cheap and sub-par work.

While carrying out roof inspections for apartment blocks or units we often find metalwork on the roof that has not been installed to best practice which can result in pooling water and leaks, which nobody wants. Pooling water can also wear down and degrade the roof coating, if the aim is to repaint the the roof it’s essential to make sure that all repairs are carried out and the roof condition has been assessed correctly.

Body Coprorate Roof Restoration Service MelbourneFor the case of tile roofs, loose tiles need to be lifted and the underlying area photographed from multiple angles. If damaged, tiles need to be replaced to match the surrounding aesthetic, especially when the repair is performed on older slate roofs or heritage-listed properties.

The quotations must be detailed enough to match the assessment, which can be done on a quarterly or annual basis. Vivify Roofing carries full insurance, including public liability and worksafe insurance, to guarantee proper workmanship and long-term satisfaction.

Using an unlicensed contractor to save a few dollars may be tempting in the short run, but the potential risks far outweigh the benefits. – All Property Management.

Corporate Roof Repair

Partial Versus Full Repair

Where the structural integrity of the roof isn’t jeopardised, partial repair or a commercial level roof restoration may be enough. This is most commonly done by replacing the underlying parts of the roof, such as the screws and seals. As with any metal roof restoration or painting project, proper preparation and cleaning is a crucial part of regular repair and maintenance. Inhabitants such as lichen, moss and insects may eat into existing coatings such as Colorbond paint, finding their way into the roof and opening the path for water damage.

Regular roof inspections and cleaning will detect problems at their earliest stage, when they are the easiest to nip in the bud. Any other roof additions, such as skylights, box gutters and penetrations can be assessed as well, with detailed reports and recommended actions. This adds years to the lifespan of the roof, delaying full roof repairs and replacements.

Full repairs are needed when the roof has suffered tremendous damage, such as after years of neglect or after a hailstorm. In cases where the damage is extensive, you might be better off replacing the entire roof. You retain full control of the entire process and have the complete choice of replacement materials.

Partial Corporate Roof Restoration

Body Corporate Tile Roof Repair

Broken or cracked roof tiles need to be replaced as soon as possible, using the same tile type. Concrete and terracotta tiles are the most common types. Since these types of roofs require more maintenance compared to metal roofs we highly recommend doing a tile to tin roof replacement, otherwise what you will save at the beginning, you will end up spending later on down the road.


Body Corporate Roof Restoration – Roof Cleaning Services

Pollutants carried by the wind settle on the roof and create a layer where insects and plants may take hold. Regular roof cleaning dislodges this layer, preparing the roof for repair and painting while also improving its appearance and boosting the property value. Any commercial roof cleaning requires quality commercial grade cleaning solutions in sufficient quantities and the expertise in applying them to avoid doing damage to the roof.

Pressure washing is best for concrete or metal roofs while a chemical scrub is preferred when pressure washing might damage the roof. Different chemical cleaners have varying attributes, for example, oxygen-based chemical cleaners act over the course of 5-6 hours after application.



Body Corporate Roof Restoration – Painting

Painting the roof rejuvenates an older, tired roof. A proper layer of paint is the first line of defence against the harsh action of elements, extending the lifespan of the roof. Modern roof paints come in many shades and can also reflect more sunlight, reducing heat absorption and minimising power expenditure for those buildings with an air conditioning system.

The paint coating works by filling microscopic gaps in the material, whether tile, metal or something else. These gaps are the weak spots in the material when exposed to UV rays, wind, water and other sources of damage. Instead of the underlying material, it’s the coat of paint that takes the brunt of the damage, dulling and shedding over time. Therefore, a layer of paint serves as protection and a visual indicator of those areas that are taking the most damage. That’s the simple explanation but there is an entire science behind just the types of paints and sealants alone.



Are Roofs Common Property?

Legal ownership structures can be very complicated but in short, roofs can be common property if they are owned by “everyone”. This means the roof is not actually owned by any single person but by a body corporate representing all of them at once. The most common way this occurs in practice is a lot owner association that levies regular payments from owners for roof maintenance.

Common property includes any parts of the land, buildings and airspace that are not lots on the plan of subdivision. It may include gardens, passages, walls, pathways, driveways, stairs, lifts, foyers and fences. – Consumer Affairs Vic.

Body corporate is obliged by law to regularly inspect and maintain roofs at a minimum set interval but there is no harm in vigilance. Extra inspections can detect problems in their early stage, allowing the body corporate plenty of time to agree on the best course of action.

Corporate Roof Common Property

Owners Corporation Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Before any work is done, the owners corporation reaches a consensus with regard to terms and conditions of the common roof inspection and maintenance. This includes the budget and the date of completion. However, some owners may have their own ideas on how roof repair should go, blocking the roof repair process and creating a stalemate.

We at Vivify Roofing have worked with a range of owners corporations, giving us plenty of experience in assessing and navigating similar environments. We provide owners corporations with exhaustive, definitive and indisputable assessments that are enough to unblock the roof repair process and overcome any stalemate. When all you need is a safe and sound roof over your head, give us a call and we’ll provide you with as many licensed and qualified roofing experts it takes to achieve consensus and get the repair process started.

Body Corporate Metal Roof Restoration


Body Corporate Roof Replacement

Our experts at Vivify Roofing have many years of experience when it comes to the different types of roofs out there and which are the best for the weather in Australia, especially Melbourne where we sometimes get 4 seasons in a week!
We highly suggest going with metal roofs as they need less maintenance and are relatively cheap compared to other types out there.

A Body Corporate Roof Repair does not necessarily mean it’s going to cost thousands as a repair comes in all sorts of shapes.
Our most common issues we have dealt with in regards to the matter is roof penetration, blocked rain-heads, flashings, replacing old opaque roofing sheets and clogged down-pipes.
All of these little issues once fixed immediately will save you lots in the long run as all the little issues will become big issues if undealt.


Body Corporate Metal Roof


Our Experience

We at Vivify Roofing have the tools, the experience, the necessary licensing and as many qualified personnel it takes to finish roofing projects small and large, residential and commercial. We provide a full range of services including, roof restoration Melbourne, inspection, cleaning, painting and repair, done to the highest level of professionalism and quality. If you want our advice on any aspect of roofing, get in touch with us.

566-Glenferrie-Road-Hawthorn-VICVivify Roofing has done a number of restoration projects for body corporates/owners corps in Melbourne, Victoria. Vivify has recently completed a flat metal roof restoration and repaint for “Owners Corporation Plan” which is the name of a body corporate. The project was for a residential apartment block on 566 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn VIC. Give us a call to discuss your body corporate roofing needs, ideas and problems or to hear more about our roofing portfolio.

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